Italian Fries

italian fries

This recipe really doesn’t need an explanation; it’s absolutely amazing and you will not have leftovers.  One of my guy friends asked me how I got the potatoes so crispy without frying them. It’s the cheese! The cheese made them crispy!  I mean, how good is that?

Give me a plate of these fries and a spatula so I can chisel all the cheese & potato crispy bits from the baking pan.  Seriously, there’s nothing better.

look at how crispy the bottoms are!

I know my brother Ryan is salivating right now.  Guess who got the crispiest potato tonight, sucka!

This recipe says it serves six when in reality, it served 4. I guess Lucinda Scala Quinn really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to feeding men & boys!  There wasn’t an ounce of potato left.  Make a ton. You won’t regret it.  They are my new best friend.

And we’re off!

You basically cut up some potatoes and toss them in water.

cut up those tators!

Add some parsley, herbs & grated Romano cheese.

romano blend

With the help of butter pats and some olive oil…….

putting pats of butter on...

You get a cookie sheet filled with ooey gooey crispy fries!

pull up a chair

I made them tonight with some cowboy rubbed flank steak & a salad!

the spread

But who really cares?  Look at those fries!!!!!!!!


Italian Fries

(recipe Mad Hungry: Feeding Men & Boys)

  • 6 or 7 Idaho potatoes

  • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

  • 1 tablespoon dried Italian herbs (I used thyme, basil & oregano)

  • 2 cups freshly grated Romano cheese

  • ¼ cup minced parsley

  • 4 tablespoons butter

  • Coarse salt, black pepper

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Peel potatoes and slice into 1/3-inch thick French fry-style strips. Place them in cold, salted water so they don’t turn color while you work.

2. Drain potatoes and pat dry with paper towels. Spread 1 tablespoon of oil on each of two rimmed baking sheets and spread out the potatoes. Overlapping is fine.

3. Sprinkle the dried herbs evenly over the potatoes. Liberally spread cheese and parsley on top. Drizzle the remaining 2 tablespoons of oil over the cheese. Scatter bits of butter around the pans.

4. Bake until the potatoes are golden brown, rotating the pans after 30 minutes, for a total baking time of 45-50 minutes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve hot.

  • Dana

    Wow. Just wow. I make oven fries but I make them so that I can eat myself into oblivion and not feel guilty. Guilt would play a big role here with the olive oil, butter, and all the cheese. But I have no doubt that it would be 100% worth it. I’m trying these soon.

  • Monica

    Wow, those fries are a special kind of awesome.

  • Heidi

    My roomies and I just found this post and decided to pull a total college-kids moment and make them at 1 in the morning. They are amazing, thank you!!!

  • Michelle


    The fries look delicious and I almost always like your posts (especially the decorating ones). But I find that almost every time I read one, you have a lot of typos and grammatical errors and it gets a little annoying – detracts from your content and talent. You should proofread more.

  • Jennifer

    Wow, Michelle, what a helpful comment. Maybe you should point out all the typos and grammatical errors, because I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is a personal website, and Tracy puts a lot of effort into it, to your benefit. If it’s not up to your standards, perhaps you should move along.

  • Tracy

    Michelle- I am sorry that my grammar and typos prevent you from enjoying my blog. I will try to be better and take more time to read my posts before I send them through. I am sure it makes my mother more upset than anyone.

    Wow Heidi! That is just AWESOME!! I am soo glad you tried it out!

    Dana- yes there’s a lot of guilt involved, but every now and then you have to indulge, right? Last night was my night 😉

    And thank you to all of you that stick around even though my writing is not perfect! 🙂

  • jenny

    good lord almighty. you are speaking my language.

    ok, i allllllmost picked up this book last night at the bookstore but it was 28 bucks and i remember saving it on amazon for like 18 and i have free shipping right now thanks to all the holiday orders i’ve been placing. long story short, i am ordering this cookbook this week!!!! these fries. oy.

  • jenny

    and whoa nelly, michelle. so harsh! holiday spirit and practicing kindness and all that!
    you may be a mighty fine proofreader but your manners are questionable!

  • Katie

    Oh wow, those chips looks AMAZING! I love oven-baked chips but I’ve never thought to add cheese – delicious! This is definitely being made for dinner sometime this week (with meat of course!)

  • erinlucy

    i ordered this cookbook right after seeing this post, i’m so excited for it to arrive but in the meantime, I’m totally making these fries tonight!
    I love love love your blog and have made many things from your recipes. Who cares if you have an occasional typo? i can’t say I’ve ever noticed them and what a meanie for even saying that to you! Don’t apologize – keep doing what you’re doing!

  • L.

    Tracy, you are lovely. Those fries are lovely. I am going to make them and shove them in my ungrammatically correct mouth and then spew some typos all over the place and forget how to use apostrophes and make those fries again, and teach myself how not to read.

    And then I am going to nominate you for public office.

  • Michelle

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to be mean. I shouldn’t have said that.

  • Crystal Bee

    so do you just arrange the butter pats evenly over the fries? does that get an even enough distribution?

  • Tracy

    crystal bee- i guess it’s a good idea to do so, but it’s not necessary. There’s enough cheese grease & olive oil to get it crispy and tasty if you don’t get butter in all the right spots 🙂

  • jenny

    popping back over for a couple quick thoughts:

    1. made these fries last night. forgot to add the butter pats (whaaaaat?!) and i swears to ya. didn’t notice any lack of deliciousness cause OMG these were soooooooooo good. also, for what it’s worth: i also forgot the flipping romano. we had a ton of cheese in the drawer but i decided on the white cheddar. no problem. totally yum. i think the message here is, how can you mess up potatoes and cheese?!

    2. i made A TON not really thinking about it, and we actually *did* have leftovers… which was kind of a blessing (though, not for my waist line) because i re-heated those bad boys and had em with some scrambled eggs this morning.

    3. did not realize that this recipe was from Mad Hungry– which i STILL have not picked up. but good lawdy. totally gonna do that now. why i never thought to shred some cheese on some taters and stick it in the oven, i do not know.

  • Tracy

    thanks for the update jenny!!!!!! wow, if i ever have leftovers I am sooo gonna use them in my scrambled eggs with hot sauce the next morning. You have my brain turning right now..and i shouldn’t be thinking about food right now! it’s bedtime.

    wait til henry is a bit bigger, and you will have none left! I am soo glad you tried the recipe!

  • Crystal Bee

    it’s scary how many times i’ve accidentally left out butter and not noticed any difference in the taste of my dish.

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  • Kelly

    Gorgeous! These look sooo comforting and fantastic.

  • Alena

    These were STUNNING! I made variations too, with different herbs and cheeses. Still excellent.

    • Tracy

      Alena- It’s pretty adaptable, huh? My friend forgot to add the butter in a batch and they still came out superb!

  • Patrick

    ooooooooooo, looks good, I might have to attempt this some time!

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  • Kat

    I will definitely be trying this soon! It’s perfect for impromptu guests because these are common ingredients I would already have in my pantry. Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!

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  • lisa

    Wow, these look absolutely delicious! Your entire meal looks amazing. Well done!

  • galit

    those sound (and look) crazy delicious. I’m not usually a potato fan, but I might just have to go there. Thank you?!

  • Stacy

    Made these to go with Hamburgers tonight. So delicious!!

  • Gina

    I made these fries for my Man and my Boy tonight and they are magnificent!! Thank you for this awesome recipe! And keep writing and posting, regardless of grammar, I love what you have to say!

  • lori

    I hereby officially invite you to visit me in Calgary this winter. we will cook, eat, snowshoe, eat some more and drink wine. I want those fries

  • Barbara Moss

    We make something similar, but in our part of the world they are known as “Cheesy Chips”. No subtlety there!
    They are indeed, heavenly and your recipe looks divine. Cannot wait to try!

  • kellypea

    Holy cow these are amazing. The shot of the butter has my hips growing as I type, which is scary, but wth? I’ll serve it as the main course, with a side of salad. Whoa.

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    This recipe says it serves six when in reality, it served 4. I guess Lucinda Scala Quinn really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to feeding men & boys! There wasn’t an ounce of potato left. Make a ton. You won’t regret it. They are my new best friend.

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