November 3, 2023


Do the Job Right! I love lists // shutterbean

This is my 400th LIST!!! Thanks for all your support over the years! 


  1. Some creative Halloween costumes this year! 
  2. See also: celebrity costumes this year.
  3. Next year I’m gonna get a wig from here for Halloween.
  4. Cooper’s been begging me to make caramel apples.
  5. Maybe I’ll make these cookies with his caramels.
  6. People need to learn how to disembark a plane.
  7. I need to make these cheesy potato stacks soon! 
  8. I love looking at old kitchen gadgets. 
  9. Amazing sweaters:  one / two / three / four 
  10. These paper flowers are amazing. 
  11. What’s the shelf life of Halloween candy?
  12. Victorian women dressed up as witches. 
  13. Oddly terrifying photos.
  14. Why you should take Jan 8th off this year. 
  15. Why do some male lions lack manes? 
  16. Do you scoop out your bagels? 
  17. How to sleep on a couch without hurting yourself. 
  18. The history of the ampersand. 
  19. 50 drawing prompts if you need inspo! 
  20. Some ingredient substitutes if you’re in a pinch! 


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