My Everyday Life Week 17

Here’s what this past week looked like: My Everyday Life Week 17

Feeling thankful for friends who sew! Thank you, Erin for giving me a comfortable mask!

Rainbows while dishwashing. 

Shooting & styling my husband’s cocktails during the quarantine.  It’s been a fun project to work on together. We’ve been working our way through the Smuggler’s Cove recipe book.

Straws as chopsticks.

Cooper has a few fake 100 dollar bills and he likes to hide them around the house and it always gives me such false hope.  I found one in a book as a bookmark and got so mad!

Made pulled pork sandwiches and carnival slaw. 

They were good.

Ripped this area up and am redoing things.

Spending time stretching outside in the morning before school starts for Cooper.


So close together!


Me in kindergarten.

Making a list. I start in pencil and then go over in pen.

Golden/happy hour.

Tacos and burrito bowl. I ran out of tortillas so burrito bowl is mine.

He’s growing.

She’s not.

Snail mail from Andrea is my fave.

Watching him color.


Cooper had to do the color wheel in art class. We did it together.



Life is tough for a kitten.

We made bread! This one was a yeasted loaf from Josey Baker Bread (it was amazing). 

Keeping it all together with lists.

There’s always a cat waiting for me on my bathroom counter.

Husband sandwich.

I am living off of bread right now.

Under the deck at the house. This reminds me of being a kid… We would play under here when I was young.

I’m really enjoying Golden Turmeric cereal right now. My friend bought it and didn’t like it and gave it to me and I’m kind of obsessed. 

I made my own pizza dough with my sourdough starter and made Sausage Bread.

This round I put fresh jalapenos in it and it was amazing.

My hair was getting heavy and annoying so I trimmed it this week.

This is the before…

I used this razor comb on wet hair.

Looks like a bird’s nest.

Pork noodle bowls.

Sausage Bread is dangerous to have in my house.

I eat it cold…

We got donut bombed this week!! It’s like a chain letter but with DONUTS. It’s happening with the kids in Cooper’s class. It was such a nice surprise and it will be fun reciprocating.

Went to Target. Was thinking about my Mom and then saw this book title.

My Mom’s name is Beverly.

Ginger pork over rice for the boys and Avocado with rice and stuff for me.

Morning has broken.

Weekend to-do lists with my favorite pencil.

He’s pretty chill until right before we go to bed.

Facetime with Emma!

Just got this set of garden tools. I love that they’re all black.

Grow baby grow!

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  • andrea

    sending you snail mail is my fave :)))

  • Jessica

    Your sausage bread always looks delish, but this one with the jalapeños?! I think I finally HAVE to make it!

  • Kara Haefele

    Donut bombing sounds like so much fun!!

  • Arijaan

    LOVE your kindergarten picture, makes me want to go find mine! Curious where that cute flower pillow is from pictured with the kitties? I am decorating my daughter’s room in a wildflower theme and that would just be perfect for on the rocking chair! ps: your Thai basil beef is on the menu this week…SO GOOD.

  • Bettye

    No haircut “after”???


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