October 25, 2013

I love lists, Friday!


  1. You don’t want to see the books I defaced when I was in high school…
  2. Forced perspective is pretty awesome.
  3.  Birthdays, doughnuts, sparklers & baseball. What a beautiful video!
  4. I’m so excited to see my friend Jenny is blogging again!! WOOT WOOT.
  5. Let’s all make these Pumpkin Pecan Scones with Brown Butter Glaze this weekend. K?
  6. Hello, beautiful bedroom. I’d love to take a nap in you.
  7. I’ve been poking around this blog lately and I like what I see!
  8. Apparently I belong in Georgia. I’m not sure what that means.
  9. 9 Reasons to Boycott Slutty Halloween Costumes. YES YES YES.
  10. I know you love lists…so here’s another one! 
  11. They’re right. I will never be able to forget these things.
  12. This essay by David Sedaris was such a good read.
  13. An ice cream recipe that has my heart <3
  14. This sweater WILL BE MINE. I’m creating a whole outfit around it. Stay tuned.
  16. This is my favorite kind of soup. EVER.
  17. I was looking for pictures of fat striped tabby cats (don’t ask) and stumbled upon this gem.

HEY!!  A new podcast is up! But consider yourself warned. We’re talking about IRRATIONAL FEARS. We make a joke about Deuce Bigalow that I’m still laughing about…in my head. Enjoy!


Joy She Cooks made my Malted Waffles 

The Frosted Vegan adapted my Maple Bourbon Cider

Honey and the Baker made my Lemon Buttermilk Bundt Cake

Mandarin & Thyme made Caramelized Banana Loaf 

Lemon Jelly Cake made my Hot Cocoa Popcorn


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