April 26, 2019


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. Chimp uses a smartphone. God help us all.
  2. Companies with the best work/life balance. 
  3. Look! You can stay in a giant potato. 
  4. Chicken Sliders need to go back into my rotation.
  5. The universe is expanding faster than expected.   I had no idea.
  6. My creative type is DREAMER.
  7. Instagrammers are abandoning the Instagram look.
  8. Just a reminder of how easy it is to fake a life online. 
  9. Interesting read about The Affluent Homeless. 
  10. OMG KIDS.
  11. Are calorie counts on menus making us healthier? 
  12. Let’s relax and look at NYC from above.
  13. Cooper’s dentist informed us of this many years ago!
  14. Ina’s Last Meal
  15. How to Help Someone with Depression.
  16. Such a sweet Mother’s Day gift- custom cutting board with recipe engraved. 
  17. I’ve always wondered about John Belushi.
  18. When can we finally get rid of passwords?
  19. Dinner for one: egg rice avocado bowl
  20. Why you should write what you know. 
  21. The 10 Greatest Films of all time according to 358 filmmakers. 
  22. What if tech was designed to bring out the best in us?
  23. Weekend baking: rhubarb coffee cake / strawberry crumble  / polenta cornbread

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