January 3, 2020



  1. Six ways to take a break from drinking.
  2. This must have been a nice feeling 🙂 #keepgriefweird! 
  3. Orthorexia is something to look out for.
  4. People from the past looked much older than they were.
  5. Andrew Spade wrote something very beautiful about his late wife.
  6. The 1970’s were wild.
  7. A whole bunch of healthy vegan recipes.
  8. Why did we stop reading?
  9. Leopard: scarf / cardigan / slippers /button- down / vest
  10. Why you can’t sit in first class when it’s empty.
  11. One of my favorite music videos just got remastered in 4k
  12. Product design failures that shaped the last decade.
  13. Are you ready to move into a tiny house in 2020?
  14. This makes me want to play with paint or frosting.
  15. This looks like a really good reading list for the winter!
  16. I quite like the idea of a breakfast board.
  17. These photos make me want to go on a morning hike.
  18. Better control over your emotions will help you create better habits.
  19. A good read this time of year: The Willpower Instinct
  20. Good eating looks like: Healthy Snack Ideas / Creating Healthy Eating Habits


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