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Spinach Tortellini Soup

Spinach Tortellini Soup // shutterbean

The nights are starting to get cooler here in the Bay Area and I’m absolutely loving it. Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year. I especially love the chill in the morning because it makes me appreciate the warmth of my coffee even more. Also, SOUP. I love soup weather. Who doesn’t??

This Spinach Tortellini soup is like a warm/cozy blanket. It’s SUPER comforting, hearty and somewhat healthy. There’s an amazing amount of spinach in there– you’ll see. A warm bowl full of soup goes best with a heavy dose of freshly grated Parmesan and a few slabs or 4 of my killer garlic bread.  It’s so dang easy that it goes in my Everyday Eats category. Enjoy!

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Sweet Potato & Sausage Soup

April showers bring May flowers. I have to keep reminding myself of that when it rains all day long. And in between moments of crazy rain and sun peeking through clouds, I want to sit at my kitchen table reading a magazine & eating a bowl of soup. This fantasy includes a hunk of garlic bread, as most fantasies do.

One of my go-to soups is this Sausage Soup I made years ago. I’ve probably made it as many times as I’ve seen The Royal Tenenbaums (which is A LOT). When I was flipping through one of my old Everyday Food Magazines (sniff sniff! So sad they shut down) I found this recipe and realized I had all of the ingredients at my disposal.

It’s like having a bowl of pasta, a bowl of soup, and a salad all in one. Carbs, meat, greens, SUPER FOODS and dairy all in one dish. It might soon replace my old standby. We’ll see about that.

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Lemony Chicken & Orzo Soup

We woke up yesterday morning without power. It was a bright sunny morning here in California and it seemed a little silly to not have power. In my life, power outages are usually associated with massive storms or some planned street work. It’s always a reminder how frequent I take power for granted. My brain expects the light to go on when I turn on the switch, and yesterday I got a rude awakening when I went to do dishes and the garbage disposal didn’t work… I had a bunch of mushrooms & strawberries in there from the night before. Oof.

Since I was banned from oven usage, I decided to turn the stove on and make soup. This Lemony Chicken & Orzo Soup from the latest Bon Appetit magazine is perfect for the weather we’re having here in the Bay Area. We’re having the kind of weather that requires a light sweater and if the sun is just right, a little skin will make an appearance. It’s the type of weather that makes you want a light soup to take the chill off the cool breeze. This soup will do just that. It’s simple ingredients come together for a light/vibrant flavor combination. Lemon + Dill are flavor powerhouses!  It’s what I’m taking to work this week for lunch.

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Curried Cauliflower Soup

My horoscope keeps telling me that this is the time to start creating new/healthy eating & exercising habits and since it’s the new year, I’ll be more motivated to do so.  Should I listen to my horoscope or do I think it’s trying to get me to buy a gym membership? I bet Leos aren’t the only ones getting this horoscope. You can never tell with these apps anymore!

It’s been awhile since I made a new soup. Perhaps I could tell the horoscope writing people to include “make some good soup”  into our daily horoscope? That would be a good habit, wouldn’t it? If I could write horoscopes, I’d tell Geminis to make up their mind on what soup to make. I’d tell Capricorns to get out of their food comfort zones and try something new! A Leo must go to the newest/hippest restaurant known for its soup and a Pisces should not just be focused on what the place setting looks like around the soup, but should make sure it actually tastes good. Flavor is important!

But you never know, I could be giving the wrong horoscope to the wrong sign. It’s all a matter of interpretation, isn’t it? What I do know is that this soup I made to set my body straight this January is a keeper. It’s the first soup I’ve made with cashew cream and it definitely won’t be the last. It’s vegan, gluten-free, hearty, spicy and packed with flavor. The texture is smooth & creamy and it will most definitely fill you up. My carb brain thought I needed some bread to accompany it, but I was fine without.  That should tell you something!


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Creamy Carrot Soup

creamy carrot soup

It’s a shame the Soup Nazi went out of business because he would have had a real hit with this Creamy Carrot Soup. I have no doubt, he would have charged $5 for a slice of my garlic bread and only exceptional customers who made absolutely no sounds got two slices. If Kramer was around, he’d probably add a dollop of parsley oil on top of his soup; they were tight like that.

creamy carrot soup

I love the creamy/sweet/savory combination of this carrot soup. It’s both hearty & llight and the addition of parsley oil helps round out the flavor.

Soup for me, soup for you, SOUP FOR EVERYONE!

Man, I miss Seinfeld and my friend James who gave me this sweet little recipe!

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White Bean Soup w/ Crispy Prosciutto

whitebeansoup (14)

Think of soup like your favorite old sweater. It’s warm & comforting and with different accessories and separates, you can create several different outfits out of your old standby. For the past two years I’ve been obsessed with white beans. I’ve made different variations of this soup with similar flavor profiles. There’s the Tuscan Ribollita that uses white beans, bread, kale & pancetta. There’s my favorite soup ever, Sausage White Bean Soup and most recently my mom’s Pasta Fagioli Soup that also uses sage, pancetta and white beans. Never have I made a soup that purees white beans so they make the base of a soup. This is also the first time I’ve baked prosciutto in the oven and created shards out of them! I liken these little adjustments to putting your sweater over a hot new dress and sealing the deal with a fabulously fancy red scarf.

white bean soup with crisped prosciutto

When you puree white beans in soup, magic happens. It’s as if you added a cup of silky heavy cream…And those crispy Proscuitto shards? Scrumptious! I think most of them bypassed the soup and went directly into our mouths.

Hello White Bean Soup, you’re like an awesome new outfit in my repertoire.

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