Herbed Flatbread

“NO WAY. NOOOOOOO WAY. Nooooo way I made that!!!”

That’s what I screamed (in my head) when I took my first bite one of these hot herbed flatbreads. Holy schnitzel, I made my own flatbread! Is it a cracker? Is it a bread? It’s kinda both. This opens up a whole new world. A world full of easily made carbs…. at my fingertips!

They’re buttery even though there’s no butter. It’s the olive oil!  I’m straight up obsessed with the salt & rosemary. I might have to hide this recipe from myself cuz I don’t trust myself. I basically have all of these ingredients at my disposal 24/7.  If I invite you over, expect to see these make an appearance. There’s so much we can do with these.

I can’t deal. I’m just a girl obsessed….with flatbread. But, you know….what else is new?

And we’re off!

Ingredients. Staples.

Chop up rosemary. Reserve a sprig for the top of the flatbreads.

Flour, herbs, & baking powder. Let’s make a well.

Water & olive oil.

Dough is made.

A few kneads and we have this. The dough doesn’t stick to the table. WHAT?!!!

Cut it into three pieces. Wrap up the two. Work with one at a time. See all that rosemary in the rolled out dough?

Rub a little extra oil on top. Sprinkle with rosemary & maldon salt. DANG.

Put it on a piece of parchment and pop it on a baking sheet that’s been hanging out in there.

Bake! Look. One is done! Repeat process two more times to make the full batch.

Use a new piece of parchment every time.

Break into that bread. Look at you! You should be so proud of yourself.

And here it is in real life.

I added goat cheese on top and a huge ole dollop of my Apricot Jam. It’s the business.

Herbed Flatbread

makes 3

recipe from Gourmet Magazine via Smitten Kitchen

  • 1 3/4 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon chopped rosemary plus 2 (6-inch) sprigs
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/3 cup olive oil plus more for brushing
  • Flaky sea salt such as Maldon

Preheat oven to 450°F with a heavy baking sheet on rack in middle.

Stir together flour, chopped rosemary, baking powder, and salt in a medium bowl. Make a well in center, then add water and oil and gradually stir into flour with a wooden spoon until a dough forms. Knead dough gently on a work surface 4 or 5 times.

Divide dough into 3 pieces and roll out 1 piece (keep remaining pieces covered with plastic wrap) on a sheet of parchment paper into a 10-inch round (shape can be rustic; dough should be thin).

Lightly brush top with additional oil and scatter small clusters of rosemary leaves on top, pressing in slightly. Sprinkle with sea salt. Slide round (still on parchment) onto preheated baking sheet and bake until pale golden and browned in spots, 8 to 10 minutes. Transfer flatbread (discard parchment) to a rack to cool, then make 2 more rounds (1 at a time) on fresh parchment (do not oil or salt until just before baking). Break into pieces.

Flatbread can be made 2 days ahead and cooled completely, then kept in an airtight container at room temperature.


  • Mal @ The Chic Geek

    mmm, this looks absolutely delicious!

  • amanda

    Amazing! These just went to the top of my “must make” list. And I completely understand the obsession with rosemary and salt- the two things were made for each other.

  • Tracy {Pale Yellow}

    Excellent looking flatbread, the hint of goat cheese is a must, I believe!

  • Megan

    Oh yuuuuum! Love the jam and goat cheese on top. Hell to the yeah.

  • Christina

    That’s the flatbread I make! Sooo good and you can bake it with toppings too. Shrimp scampi? Don’t mind if I do!

  • ashlie

    when i read the first few paragraphs i thought “i wonder if she ate these with the apricot jam she made? i hope so because that would be really delicious” totally right! and now i want to make both…

  • Karen A.

    Can’t wait to make this, it looks so good!

  • Ashley

    Herb cracker-bread??? Yessss. I’ll have to experiment with GF flours! I can’t not have this. 🙂

  • Amanda Barkey

    bahaha before I read the whole post (I read up to the point where the recipe starts) I thought ‘Im going to comment and tell her I would schmear that apricot jam up on there!’ … then I scrolled down. Great minds! 🙂

  • Courtney @ I Am A Mess!

    I continue to really dig your blog 😉
    Also, I bet its a pain to get flour out of the grooves of that table…

  • Erica { EricaDHouse.com }

    Lol – that’s about the response I have whenever I cook something that actually turns out pretty good. I spent so many years as a terrible cook I’m still surprised when I don’t ruin things!

  • Eileen

    This flatbread sounds so easy & delicious! I love the olive oil–no worries about cold butter &etc. 🙂

  • Whitney

    Do you think I could make this with a mix of spelt and whole wheat flour to make it a bit healthier? 🙂

  • Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

    What is gooooooin on up there!?!? Oh man. I can NOT wait to bake these up!!!

  • Stephie @ Eat Your Heart Out

    This is not helping my crazy carb craving I’ve been having ALL day. Not at all.

  • Heather @ Heather's Dish

    crackery bread sounds amazing – CARB ME!

  • Erin

    These look amazing! Yuuum. I have to try these!!

  • Kate

    They look amazing! I made naan in a cast iron skillet from an Aarti Sequiera recipe a few months ago and ended up eating them all right away 🙁

  • Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    Oh goodness. I have made these exact ones myself and they are to die for. Great to bring to party with a bunch of cheese. Also great with Heidi Swanson blackberry compote from her cookbook. These are too easya to make and too too easy to eat away. Carb it up lady….carb it up!

  • Sarah@SarahCupcake

    I have made this exact recipe before, and yes, yes it does open up a whole world of carbs at your fingertips. Scary thoughts.

  • Jane M

    All I can say is WOW WEEEEEE! Looks like a very tasty carb.

  • Carrie


  • jenny

    so dangerous!

  • Brittany

    So I read this and drooled a little. 5 minutes later I was in the kitchen making it!

    This made my left over chili soooo much more exciting!! 🙂

  • Sarah | The Cyclist's Wife

    Salt and rosemary are like peanutbutter and chocolate!

  • Kimberly

    Oh no! I have all these ingredients around too. 🙂

  • Grace Flack

    Thanks for sharing this awesome flatbread recipe! One of my new year’s cooking resolutions was to make bread, and I haven’t done it yet, but I hope this counts because I’m totally going to make this soon!

  • Vanessa

    I’m afraid to make this because I already know I’ll be addicted.

  • deb

    So glad you love it too. It’s totally one of those recipes I think everyone should have in their bag of tricks! It’s really amazing; I don’t find that it gets stale at all, which is great when you realize your husband didn’t put it away before you went to bed the night before (ahem). I play around with the flavors a lot too (I made a dried oregano version this week and a honey-thyme one last year). I haven’t made it with whole wheat flour yet but I really, really should. Yay!

  • hellywelly

    i love the apricot jam/goat cheese combo. i was having that as a snack on some not-as-tasty-as-your-flatbread-looks crackers a few weeks ago. will have to try this recipe!

  • Sini

    Yeah this recipe is really awesome. Made it a few years ago as it was featured on smittenkitchen. So full of flavor. Why has this recipe gone forgotten? Have to change that asap!

  • Sun

    I made these yesterday and they are spectacular! SO SO easy and yummylicious! Thanks!

  • aida mollenkamp

    Gorge flatbreads, lady! I love anything that’s salty, crunch, and herby so this would be an instant win for me!

  • D

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe! I’ve already made it several times this week. I tried some substitutions for the rosemary: lemon zest and pepper or toasted cumin seeds or kalamata olives are my favorites! I don’t think I’ll buy crackers again! Quick to make, versatile, and soooo delicious! Thanks for sharing this must-have recipe.

  • Lisa | With Style and Grace

    Ooh, I wonder if I can make this gluten-free! Never tried flatbread before, but thinking now’s a good time.

  • Elena.

    I just made them, and they are sooo good!! I used what i had in my garden: thyme and oregano…and they were tasty… the only thing is that I liked them a bit more toasted, which means they are more like a cracker.. but still a bready-cracker… And I love that they’re so easy to make! great recipe, thanks…!

  • Lizzie

    You’ve done it again! Made some lentil soup but no bread in the house, remembered seeing this recipe and 15 minutes later…done. Comment at lunch, “this soup is ok but the bread outshines it”! Thanks.

  • Tracy

    Oh yum. Made these yesterday and my girls devoured them. So simple, my 12 year old is going to make some more today…there’s something so comforting about making this and eating it on a chilly January day…thanks for sharing!

  • karen from france

    Saw the recipe and just needed to try it… Dinner with friends/family sat night, decided to make these last minute…THEY WERE A HIT! The kids the adults, everyone adored them…making me regret having let my man watch the last one in the oven…he turned his back a few minutes and it burnt to a crisp, lol, oh well… Will definitely make again VERY SOON and will become a staple in my cuisine 🙂 THANKS!!

  • Sharon

    This bread is life-changing. That is all.

  • laura

    Ok, so late to the game, per usual! I laughed out loud reading this post! I felt the same, exact way when I first made a similar recipe. I needed crackers as I made chowder, but didn’t feel like running to store…so thought “I can make crackers” and then I found flat bread recipe. Easy peasy and so easy! I will try this recipe ASAP!!!
    Great site by the way!!!!!

  • JR

    I made this today as part of a thank-you gift, with which I included some herb oil and good balsamic vinegar. And I had to tear myself away from the goods so I would have some left for actually giving away! Great recipe–thanks!

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