November 21, 2009

Weekend Waffles with Joy!

Quick!  There’s still time!!!  Make some batter tonight!

Make some weekend waffles with maple peppered bacon!!  DO IT!!!

I got the recipe from of Joy the Baker!

Weekend Waffles!

I made the batter last night so we could have some this morning! And it was DEEE-LISH.

I topped mine with some bananas!  I think Elvis would have been proud.

Although I’m pretty sure he would have wanted some peanut butter all up in.

I really don’t think I could have done anything to make it better!

Weekend Waffles!

That bacon was *swoon* worthy!

Crispy, sugary, peppery, crunchy and with a slight chew……omg! OMG.

Thanks Joy for helping me get this weekend started of RIGHT!!!

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