Cucumber Watermelon Lime Juice

cucumber watermelon lime

Refreshing!! The key to this juice is the lime you squeeze in at the end. Watermelon and cucumber produce the mellowest of juices so it’s essential to have something tart in the mix. It really helps bring out the sweetness of the watermelon and depth to the cucumber juice. It’s the rug that ties the room together!!

This juice doesn’t resemble the synthetic cucumber-watermelon flavor you might get from a frou-frou lotion or a piece of super sweet bubble gum. It’s the real deal. Light, pure, mellow and totally refreshing when you add a little bit of sparkly water.  It’s something you might find in a ritzy spa. Imagine yourself wearing a cozy bathrobe while sipping on this. Got a mud mask? Put it on! My neighbor and I added a nice amount of rum in our juices last night! Went down like water!

This is going in the summer juicing rotation for sure!

Here is what’s in it!

watermelon cucumber
You should peel the watermelon before you juice. It could throw your juicer off balance.


The froth is super pretty in the late afternoon sunlight, don’t ya think?

watermelon froth

I juiced into my measuring cup. After finishing up, I got a little over 2 cups of juice.

juicing in progress

Cut up a lime and squeeze some directly into your juice.

add a lime

Put some ice in and you’ve got yourself a tasty drink!


Perfect for the summer!

Cucumber Watermelon Lime Juice

  • 1/2 English cucumber
  • 1 small seedless watermelon
  • 1/2 lime

It’s important to take the green skin off the watermelon before you start juicing.  Once that’s done, juice the watermelon and cucumber then add a squeeze of lime to your drink at the end!  You are going to be amazed at how much juice comes out!  There’s barely any pulp too.  Makes a little over 2 cups of juice.

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