My Everyday Life: Week 20

Here’s what this past week looked like – My Everyday Life Week 20

One of my high points this week was taking a drive up to Yountville to pick up dinner at Ad Hoc.

Their emails come to me every morning and I fawn over their menus. Whenever it says FRIED CHICKEN, I’m in!

We picked up some dinner for one of my favorite families- THE HEARNS who are moving to Wisconsin and I am so very sad. Let me tell you that it is HARD TO NOT HUG YOUR FRIENDS BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEM AND YOU WON’T GET TO HUG THEM FOR A WHILE AND THEY ARE MOVING OUT OF STATE.  I can’t wait to visit them though. 

My brain was happy we were road tripping. I slept so well that night.

Maybe it was because I was emotionally exhausted or maybe my brain was full of beauty from the car window?

I will miss you Helen Jane!!

I let this rose sit on top of this cake for days before I let Cooper have it.

I told him I needed it to take a picture.



We got a cake by delivery from Miette. They now ship!

It was a perfect Mother’s Day treat that we picked on for a few days at my house!

We planted our cucumbers this week. I hope he remembers these times. 

Ella is having a hard time with us being home all the time. Her anxiety is THROUGH THE ROOF.

She finds a bit of quiet time to herself though.

Casey made things for cocktails.

This is how I sleep with Huggy. It is the BEST.

My first Poppy. My Dad always tried to grow them but it never worked.


Midnight bread rise.

Into the abyss.

I had potatoes in the air fryer for lunch. So crispy.

Mama and baby spotting.

Comfort foods.

This took forever but it was worth it.

A good start to the morning.

A wonderful surprise in my PO Box this week!

Stamps from a dear friend through @stampitsendit

Colors were Orange and Green 🙂

I made pulled pork sandwiches again.

What happens when you make a cake and you have an 11 year old.

Lettuce is growing!

Packaging up orders from The Handwriting Club.


Making rainbows in the morning.

A can of refried beans cooked in a bowl in a microwave can become lunch so easily.

This bird sat and watched me on my bed for 5 minutes.

My husband bought me a water feature for Mother’s Day. Its been my dream to have one!!!

Front yard is beaming.

Husband’s drink.

I remember it being good. Maybe I’ll post it.

Sometimes you need a box of mac & cheese for dinner on a Friday night.

Planting more calendula this week. Glad to have my seeds organized. This photo box storage system has been working out great!

Making our front yard a happier place.

I need to stop eating peanut butter.

Glad to have this Broccoli Beef part of our rotation. No one complained. NO ONE.

My side of the bed. I used to have a nice plant there but then the kitten ruined everything.

I will blame him for my mess forever 🙂

Cooper unraveled a tape measure last week and it’s still there.

Not my job. We will see how long it lasts.

Blue skies ahead?

Sending out magic + pep talks this week.

I love surprising people with unexpected mail.


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  • April G

    1. Poppies! 2. I can close my eyes and smell the area where the deer and fawn are standing. I miss that.

    • Wendy Kim

      It would be exciting if Casey would post some of his drink recipies. His syrups like good. Maybe he could do a drink to go with the recipies you post. An awesome team!

  • Hannah

    I cut brownies the way Cooper cuts into cake…I prefer the soft middle pieces and leave the edges for my husband.
    Your garden is lovely, your plants look so very happy 🙂

  • Alicia A

    Big smile…

  • bonnie

    1. Peter Max stamp!
    2. Love your chalk art on the curve!
    3. Beef & Broccoli 4ever! Amen!

  • Mari

    so when u go visit your friends in Wisc…..please make it during August. Then slip down to Iowa, for the State Fair!!!! Cooper will love it. Well I think all 3 of u will. I you want, I can send u some brochures..etc.

    have a great weekend & I will say a prayer for your Mother on Monday,

  • elizabeth

    I love all your great barware!

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