February 1, 2013

I love lists, Friday!

  1. YOLO. Just. YOLO.
  2. I love seeing how Victoria has transformed her new place.
  3. This winter picnic is charming as heck!!
  4. That cuddly cat of your is a killer! 
  5. Frida Kahlo’s clothes are on display. Have you seen this? I want to see it in person!
  6. I love a face mask I can buy in the produce section.
  7. These slow cooker tips are good. Especially the last one (d’oh!)
  8. I’m so impressed by this picture of lemon zest, I want to punch my screen.
  9. I love seeing how people plan dinner parties. Dana does it well!
  10. Buffalo CAULIFLOWER?! My mouth wants IN at this party.
  11. Who loves glittery nail polish? THIS GIRL.
  12. 21 Life Lessons a la Liz LEMON!  Also look at this 30-Rock joke info-graphics!
  13. What a clever/magical way to present a cookie recipe.
  14. Casey and I are guilty of watching Dance Party on a random weeknight…
  15. These 5 minute espresso walnut brownies are on my TO-DO list.
  16. If you need a PEP TALK, this one is FOR YOU.


Apocalypse Meow is the name of the latest Joy the Baker Podcast. Episode 82 is filled with cat puns, Vine talk, 90s references & questions!

A big THANK YOU to the Marin IJ for featuring me in their newspaper this week. You can read the article/interview here.


My Bites Around the Net:

The Frosted Vegan made my Candied Citrus Peel & added them to a cocktail!

 Snacking Sassy Steph Paleo-fied my Baked Crispy Chicken Wings.

Pies & Plots made my Vanilla Walnut “Shortbread” Cookies


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