May 2, 2014

I love lists, Friday!



  1. Wes Anderson meets Forrest Gump (not really….but can you imagine?!)
  2. What I Wish I Knew After My MFA Ended. Writers! This is for you.
  3. Don’t you love looking into people’s fridges? Here’s Julia Turshen’s.
  4. In another life, I used to see Mike Rowe every week (I worked at a recording studio). He’s full of wisdom.
  5. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading through the new Blog Life Class at ABM. Highly recommend!
  6. Food packaging that got lost in translation.
  7. This might be the next alternative milk I make….
  8. 21 Best Pics of all time of the week volume
  9. Can this be MY birthday cake? Cooooool.
  10. A eulogy for twitter?
  11. Just had a treat yo’self moment with these silver sandals. Can’t wait to wear them.
  12. If you love fashion & interior design, you’ll love this new feature on Coco & Kelley. I do!
  13. Need to heat up butter? Try the tripod trick. This cracks me up.
  14. The fact that Emma Stone picked HOOK makes me think we’d be good friends IRL.
  15. Who doesn’t love a good Mad Men animated gif roundup? So many good parts I forgot about.
  16. I love anything ALMOND and these almond sweet rolls??! I WANT THEM ALL.
  17. Do you know what a froob is? Kristin will fill you in.
  18. Sometimes I forget you can make soup in a blender! This tortilla soup might hafta happen soon!
  19. I’ve been obsessed with the public playlists on Spotify. THIS ONE IS MY JAM.
  20. I got a 94 on LifeSkills.  Well…I think I could fix a leaking faucet & vacuum belt if I RTFM


Did you check out the latest Joy the Baker Podcast?? In episode #119, Joy gets interrupted by her crazy upstairs neighbors. We concur that she is the R.A. of her apartment building.


Forbidden Rice Blog made my No Knead Tomato Basil Pizza

Hippocratic Cupcake made my Arugula Pesto

the Rare belle made my Bourbon Salted Caramels

Kinsey Cooks made my Flourless Chocolate Coconut Drop Cookies

A Glass of Milk made my Sausage & Kale Stuffed Shells

Cook the Cover made my Sriracha Glazed Chicken

  • tanja

    Hello Shutterbean,
    I have been dreaming about these sandals (#11) for a while now…but I read that they are super UNCOMFORTABLE. Is that true? Please inform me. This French girl often wear them and I find them fantastic looking.http://www.helloitsvalentine.fr
    thanks for the cool blog!

  • Heather

    OMG, you made my day with that link to the Mad Men gifs!! Thanks soo much for posting that, I will immediately need to rewatch the entire series very soon. Oh man, so good! Ha.

  • Julia

    Great list as always (and now I have Hook stuck in my head…)!

  • Mira C

    I love the food packaging link! When I lived in China, I came across a shirt that said, and I am not making this up, “Herpes Schmerpes”. I reaaaaallly wish I had bought it.

    My link of the week is this Barred Owl live cam that I have been watching OBSESSIVELY. I can’t stop watching those little baby birds. http://cams.allaboutbirds.org/channel/43/Barred_Owls/

    Thanks as always! Can’t wait to listen to the podcast.

  • Taylor

    Dying over that food packaging! Seriously hilarious! Also, I love those Mad Men memes because…obviously.


  • Kate

    Just snorted water through my nose reading the food packages… ow. And I adore Mike Rowe!

  • Sophie Harriet

    Tracy, I look forward to Fridays every week solely for your ‘I love lists Fridays’! They are always so vibrant, fun and interesting, and make a great start to the day! Thank you so much for providing readers with such an entertaining, and scrumptious, blog!

  • Jocelyn Krodman

    Tracy, I just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to reading this list every Friday. It’s become my Friday evening tradition to curl upon the couch and read through it. THANK YOU!

  • Heidi - Apples Under My Bed

    I am SO making that sesame milk, thank you! x ps Emma Stone is my favourite

  • Lacy Phillips

    You kind, loving souls. Thank you! xx

  • Jami

    Hi Tracy!
    I’m wondering if the Blog-Life e-course will be relevant for me… I manage two blogs for my job, both on topics pertinent to teachers. One is a marketing blog and one is behind a pay wall and available only to teachers who’ve purchased our curriculum. I want to talk my boss into buying this for me but I don’t know how relevant it would be. Thank you! I appreciate you and your time… 🙂


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