October 14, 2014

Outfitting: Homemade Decadence

An Outfit Inspired by the Homemade Decadence Cookbook by Joy the Baker // shutterbean


Today the Joy the Baker Homemade Decadence cookbook is out into the world!!! Wahoo! Go MAJ GO!

I was pretty excited to put an outfit together around this Joy’s cover design. That cake up there? I’ve had it…it’s so freaking dreamy.  Chocolate, peanut butter AND pretzels?? Oh my word.  I didn’t want to just mimic the color scheme of this cover, I wanted to pick some things that I know Joy would like wearing. She loves a good clutch, she looks great in glasses, an unexpected lace situation is her favorite, she wears wedges like nobody’s business, and she loves her some gold.  I should also mention she looks great in tight pants. I may have leg envy…  My maj is always mixing some crazy patterns together, so that’s why I decided to pattern clash with the cardigan, scarf and clutch. Hope you love it, maj.

HAPPY BOOK RELEASE DAY!!!!  YOU DID IT!! Proud of you, boo!

Can’t wait to see you when you get to the Bay Area on your book tour! xo




  • Anna

    Oh, I love it all! Girl, you have a serious eye for outfit assembly. Kinda jelly. Also so stoked for the book tour to come out West (Pacific Northwest, to be exact). And Tracy, when are you going to release a cookbook?! 😉

  • Libby

    Commenting hoping that I win the giveaway–you know the one where you give away this whole dang outfit? Yeah, I just assumed that’s what was going on here.

    Seriously though. I feel so proud of Joy and we’re not even friends! I can only imagine your pride shining all over the place today. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. 😀

  • joy the baker

    i love my maj!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fusilliamy

    BOOYAH! Super excited for all of this! Can we talk about Jimmy Fallon’s tight pants song? How bad do I want to be at the SF book signing?! Sigh. All the hearts for cat eyes emojis forever and ever.

  • Elise

    Just got my Homemade Decadence book delivered, now I need EVERYTHING ELSE YOU HAVE ON THIS LIST. I’m not even joking. Love you tracy!

  • Ella

    Eeep I’m so excited for Joy! This outfit is so her. Those wedges! I mean really…

  • leslie

    Fantastic on every level! Go JOY Go!!

  • Jayne @ Tenacious Tinkering

    You both have such a sweet friendship/sisterhood thing going. Friend envy!

  • Nicola

    “…an unexpected lace situation” – I blame the two of you and Clueless for the way I speak and I am fluent in AWESOME, so thank you!

  • Jamie

    Niiiice! Have you ever considered adding Personal Stylist to your resume? I would love to be your guinea pig. = )

  • MIra C.

    You are so good at outfitting, Tracy! I’m impressed.

    Don’t you want to come back to Seattle for Joy’s tour again? You’ll definitely have lots of fans awkwardly asking for your autograph. 🙂

  • Kendra

    This is so sweet! Love the outfit and the homage to your Maj! My book has shipped and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival, butter and sugar at the ready!!

  • Julie

    That outfit rocks! I also hope Joy comes here again to sign her book!

  • Alessandra @ the foodie teen

    I’m SO in love with Joy’s gorgeous book – she is such a sweet, caring, and talented person, and I’m so happy to see her do all these crazy amazing things! Seriously love your outfit pieces too – those wedges are gorgeous!

  • Hilary

    After the tight pants mention.. all I can think of is the Jimmy Fallon/Will Ferrell Tight Pants bit. hehe

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