June 29, 2017

Currently: June 2017

Currently June 2017 on Shutterbean.com - check out a roundup of the month by Tracy Benjamin

Currently: June 2017

I am currently typing this with headphones on. I’m listening to the Big Little Lies soundtrack while my child sits next to me with poison oak all over his face. It’s swollen. He’s miserable. Husband has a nasty cold but is also working on a house project that will hopefully be done soon. My garage looks like a tornado it it and  laundry keeps coming at me left and right. Just when I finished all of the laundry from camping, I had to wash EVERYTHING because of poison oak. I would take that any day over lice…  Sorry to be all June gloom on ya. That’s just how some months/weeks are.

Other than that, June was filled with fun family visits, a Father’s day get-together, a live Kenny G performance with my dad, baseball camp, a camping trip, and a trip to the city via ferry. Throw a few heat waves in there and we have JUNE!


Currently June 2017 on Shutterbean.com - check out a roundup of the month by Tracy Benjamin

Inspired By:

Mostly the letters I’ve been receiving. Thank you to everyone who has sent me mail.  I have a lot to catch up on!!!  I put most of the postcards up on my wall in my office so that I could look at them and smile.

Tracy Shutterbean

P.O. Box 604

San Anselmo, CA 94979

Currently June 2017 on Shutterbean.com - check out a roundup of the month by Tracy Benjamin


I also created a little workspace to assemble all of my shipping supplies for selling prints.

Having this space means I have new rules for myself.

This is the space I do most of my writing/computer work/art in.

That means I don’t have all of my crap all over the house anymore. YAAAAAAAAY.

My guest bedroom is still a guest bedroom!

My Everyday Life: Week 22 on Shutterbean.com

My Everyday Life: Week 24 on Shutterbean.com

Currently June 2017 on Shutterbean.com - check out a roundup of the month by Tracy Benjamin

Being out in nature is always inspiring, isn’t it?  We went through some hot spells here in Northern California that made us SUPER uncomfortable to be outside. Right now there’s a cool breeze and I’m loving it. My garden is popping off with some flowers and that makes me so happy.  It’s rewarding to see my hard work pay off.



We are two episodes away from finishing this season of Orange is the New Black. I’m actually really enjoying this season. So much chaos in prison with all the rioting. I always love when you get a glimpse of a character’s life before prison. Anyone else enjoying the season?

We also finished this season of Better Call Saul, so we are bummed that it’s over for the year. It makes me miss Breaking Bad (although it was so uncomfortable at times!) less. Bob Odenkirk is one of my favorite actors.

I suppose this Summer we’ll start the new season of House of Cards. We also are looking forward to starting Glow. Anyone watching that?

And yeah… I’ve been watching the Housewives NYC while I do laundry (which seems like all the time) because it helps me space out. Ramona is going crazy as per usual.


I’ve been reading Theft by Finding by David Sedaris on my kindle every night before bed this week. I love that his journal entries are pretty short. HE IS SO FUNNY and astute. Highly recommend if you want some light/funny reading.

I’ve also been reading bits of Manage Your Day to Day when I feel like I’m losing grip on my life (which is like always).

And I mentioned this on my Instagram stories- A Daily Meditation Book for Women Who Do Too Much. I read this one every few days, or when I need a good pep talk. Highly recommend.

Thinking About:

Summer vacation…. Going to Tahoe in the summer is what I look forward to all year long. I am catching myself daydreaming about packing for the trip, and hanging around the house drinking wine with a giant cheese plate and a good book.

I am also trying to get rid of all the clothes we don’t wear this Summer.

So, when I’m doing laundry, I’ve been putting things aside that we don’t wear.

I’ve been thinking about:

How many items of clothing does Cooper really need?

If we have less clothing does that mean I’m doing laundry all the time?

If I am doing laundry more often, but it’s less laundry, what’s that like?

Meanwhile, I signed up for Poshmark and am testing out selling items.

Here’s my “shop”

I have to make time to post more items. I have a whole laundry basket filled with stuff!!!

Listening To:

Still on a big time Dorothy Ashby phase. I think it’s starting to bug Casey. HA!  I was listening to it on my phone while we were camping (I was making dinner outside and the mood felt right!) and he asked me if I could change my elevator music. Ooof. My coping mechanism is not someone else’s coping mechanism. NOTED.

Honestly, I haven’t had a lot of time to (myself) listen to things. I’m trying to get up-to-date on Uhh Yeah Dude and have been periodically listening to The Minimalist Podcast. I need to make more time to go hiking (where I do most of my podcast listening) soon! Here are some of my favorite podcasts if you’re looking for some. If you read the comments, you’ll find some good recommendations in there too.

Dream Life: 

Summer Camp life still haunts my subconscious. Sometimes I wonder if something happened at Camp in my childhood that I can’t let go of? Maybe it had to do with treading water for 20 minutes? Or the rum cake?  I think I just REALLY REALLY loved camp when I was young because I was away from my family for a week. I mean, we all could use a break from each other, right?

In these dreams, I’m never the camper. I think I’m always on staff. Camp director? Maybe. It’s always out in nature. I’ve got a clipboard and I’m always figuring out logistics. Also, being 37 years old means that I am having occasional night sweats thrown into these camping escapades. Cooooooooooooool. Any tips?


Keeping it simple this month (and also occasionally tracking what I eat through an app on my phone- MyFitnessPal). Which has been good and hard. Tracking calories makes me CRABBY but it’s also a good reminder that I have to go slow and be MINDFUL or what I am eating. It’s about getting into a good pattern/routine. I know the second we have an event to go to, I AM SCREWED.

This month I made:

Baked Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts

Mediterranean Pasta Salad is a weekly staple. Perfect for work lunches paired with extra greens. Find the recipe on Shutterbean.com

Mediterranean Pasta Salad 

Honey Mustard Chicken Wings for a quick and easy weeknight dinner! Find the recipe on Shutterbean.com

Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken

Italian Pressed Sandwiches for your Summer picnics! Find the recipe on Shutterbean.com

Italian Pressed Sandwiches

Tracy from Shutterbean.com shares her Camping Meal Ideas to liven up your camp life!

And a bunch of food while we went camping!

Monthly portrait:

This one was taken by Cooper on our ferry ride into SF.

He insisted we sit near the snacks. He’s definitely my child.

My Everyday Life: Week 25 on Shutterbean.com

June Spread from my Journal:

Currently June 2017 on Shutterbean.com - check out a roundup of the month by Tracy Benjamin

Goodbye, June.


How was your June?

What are you looking forward to in July?

  • Scarlett

    SUCH a cute portrait of you! Maybe we should all have a Shutterbean Adult Summer Camp Meetup. I’d be into that. And oof, yes, myfitnesspal. I use it too. I know if I don’t keep a log of what I’m eating for a few days I just start to go a little off the rails. It’s more for accountability, and like you said, mindfulness than anything!

  • Tracy

    Smaller, more frequent loads of laundry are definitely the way to go! Tried it out a few years ago and haven’t looked back. We just set the water level to “small” and I don’t let anyone put any more than ONE small load in at a time. If we’re walking by and notice the machine is a little less than half full, we go ahead and start it. We had to make a change because husband and son are “sporty” and change out of sweaty clothes a couple times a day. I’d rather spend a few minutes every other night folding a small amount than face a mountain once or twice a week. Try it!

  • Julie

    Agreed on the tracking calories! I’ve been using my FitBit to track them. It makes me mad how quickly I can get to my daily allotment, but the accountability is what I need.

  • Julie

    Sometimes before I throw clothes out, I’ll just hide them from myself for a while and try to keep only fifteen-ish pieces in the front of the closet. It makes laundry so much less awful to only be washing a few things—and I find myself actually ironing/hanging up those things instead of leaving them in a mountain of clean stuff until I wear them once three weeks later.

  • Jamie

    Poor Cooper! Are you familiar with Tecnu products? Seems like he’s prone to poison oak, poor guy, so you may have to make the rule he washes down with Tecnu right away each time he plays in the forest. Or tattoo a poison oak leaf on his hand as a reminder to avoid it?

    Happy 4th!!

    • Tracy

      Yes! Technu is fantastic stuff. Casey is pretty dilligent with it. Washes everything religiously. Cooper tends to be forgetful about washing his hands after he retrieves balls (doesn’t tell us) that are lost in the trees. He hasn’t learned his lesson yet 🙁

  • Rachel

    June has been crazy. I’m leaving my job next week so I’m looking forward to some free time this summer to do some projects around the house. The books you mentioned look like ones I need!

    We started watching Glow and are really enjoying it. I also happen to be listening to the new TLC CD which I can already tell is going to be getting some serious play time this summer.

  • Nicole StL

    omg I see my postcard pinned up on your wall! You just totally made my year! Thank you.

  • dana828

    I have the David Sedaris book downloaded in Audible (I ❤️ hearing him read his own stories!) and am saving it for vacation listening in a few weeks. I also just bought The Fact of a Body (https://www.amazon.com/Fact-Body-Murder-Memoir/dp/1250080541) but am again waiting until vacation to start it. My thought is I’ll finish it out in Oregon and leave in an Airbnb for someone else to enjoy.

    My daughter turned 16 last week and I’m just trying to comprehend that fact and beginning to psych myself up for the next 2 years of high school/testing/college visits/holy-crap-are-we-doing-this-right?!

    I can’t wait to see the finished wine cellar! Such a fantastic project. And I need to check out Poshmark. I have so much stuff to get rid of and it would be nice to make a few bucks!

    • Tracy

      I love listening to David Sedaris read his writing too! It makes anything he says a million times funnier.
      Enjoy your vacation!

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