Fruit with Honey Lime Yogurt Dip

Fruit Skewers + Honey Lime Yogurt Dip // shutterbean

Sometimes you need to employ a few tricks as a mom. And by sometimes…I mean ALL.THE.TIME.  Here’s the thing–I can’t get Cooper to put fruit IN his yogurt, but I CAN get him to DIP fruit in yogurt. But I don’t call it yogurt…I call it Honey Lime Dip. I take about a cup of plain Greek Yogurt and mix it with a tablespoon of honey, the zest from one lime and a quick squeeze of lime juice. I put some fruit on a skewer and watch him go to town. It’s also a great way to prolong the act of eating if you’re a grown adult. I don’t know about you but I always wish my bowls of yogurt were bottomless. Especially when granola’s involved… Sigh…

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