July 13, 2016

Around the House: Summer 2016

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

Casey and I were discussing home decor with one of our friends the other night and through the discussion, I found out that in Casey’s perfect home, everything would have a place and then things would never would never move. Like ever. As in you put three things on a mantle and then it’s there for eternity. I think that’s what he said…

I, on the other hand, like to change things up ALL THE TIME. Actually, it’s more like I change things seasonally and then shake things up when I’m super stressed. Thankfully Casey puts up with this.  But it’s like I go crazy and paint a room or a fireplace on a whim (actually I did paint our dining room black on a whim…). I mostly move things around in our house and create vignettes. It’s part of what keeps me sane and I really do love “shopping from the house.”  When I first started my blog, we moved into first house where I had the best time decorating my mantle for each season. You can see really old photos here +here + here.

In this house, there are several places that I like to change. Let me show you:

This is what I stare at from my side of the bed. All things that make me happy.

I swap things in and out of these frame every once in awhile.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

I moved things around in our guest bedroom. Not much. Just little things.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

On our dining room table…I am sure one of the cats is gonna knock it down soon….

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

Little treasures in our living room.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

Afternoon light…that reminds me I need to fill up some decanters.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

A piece of our gallery wall. Everything up there has a lot of meaning to me.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

I put a few placemats up in the background of my kitchen. One day there will be wallpaper but for now I just play around with things.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

This morning at 8:15. This ficus benjamina was given to us by my mom when we first moved into our other house. We’ve had it for 10 years now!

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

A rotating photo wall on the way up to our bedroom.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

Everything has a story. But my favorite thing is this old clock that belonged to my grandfather. It is always like 2 minutes behind and it makes a clunky noise when the second hand hits the 10 but I love it.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

All the way to the left I have this christmas cactus that was my other grandfather’s.

Rosie likes to hide under it. I dream about putting it in a cool plant stand but for now it’s there.

My Everyday Life Week 25 on Shutterbean.com

A little inspiration. Actually a lot of it. Cooper’s babysitter commented that she was impressed by all the positive quotes I have around the house. HA!

Sometimes I don’t even see them.

Everything is going to be OK, it really is.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

I did really well with my air plants in the past two years and then I overwatered them and now I only have two left.

So, I stuck them on this thing that I have hanging on the wall.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

A nice little grouping on our coffee table and my favorite page in this book. 

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

A crane I found on Etsy, a rock Cooper painted and a cookbook shot by one of my good friends.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

A painting I made/framed, old work from college, a gift from a friend & my grandpa’s old camera. It makes me happy when I see it. I should use it. I totally forgot what it’s like to get film developed! Where do you even do that?

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

One of my favorite purchases last year. Found it in a little boutique. PEACE.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

Some of my mom’s old books from her childhood,  my favorite incense, some photo books for inspiration, a little animal vignette and the J in MAJ on my mantle.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

A small corner of my bookshelf.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

Working on this little vignette on our patio.

My Everyday Life Week 25 on Shutterbean.com

This morning in my shower.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

This evening in my shower. I did a little dye/bleach project today.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

Aaaaaaaaand the bookshelf in my bedroom is arranged in rainbow color now.

Around the House - Summer 2016 on Shutterbean.com

Those are the little vignettes of my house- Summer 2016.

You can see more snippets from my house on my #shutterbeanhouse hashtag!

  • Kim

    I absolutely LOVE your style. You are so talented-
    I must ask, how often do you dust!!!! Everything looks
    perfectly clean and dusted!!!! I’m so jealous.
    Love your shower curtain too.

    • Tracy

      Thank you! I have cleaners twice a month who help me, but I am looking into cutting back to once a month for budget reasons. I’m currently trying to figure out what I can do on my own for the in between cleanings.
      They’re really helpful in the dusting, floor cleaning, mirror cleaning realm (all things I don’t excel at!).

      I’m working on a spreadsheet/schedule for myself. I’ll most likely share it here when I get it figured out. Thanks for the love!

  • Aubrey

    I never move anything. I think I may give it a try this weekend. My house has me feeling antsy, so that may be what I need.

    • Tracy

      Yes! Change up the energy. It will make you think about how you use your space and try to surround yourself with the things that make you happy. GOOD LUCK!

  • Gaby Dalkin

    Tracy, your house is simply amazing!

  • Julie Strauss

    My husband is the same way – everything has its place forever. It would make me insane. Fortunately, he indulges my impulsive nature. I move things, rearrange, and (my favorite) repaint walls and furniture constantly. Your pictures always inspire me!

    • Tracy

      I understand the need to have a place for everything. I really do! But I’m always looking to change the energy around and breath new life into things. I don’t like thing the same. I get bored!

      Casey’s more of a I’ll have to see a mock up of it first before I make a decision. And I’m like a LET’S DIVE IN AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS kinda person. After living together for 15 years, we’ve figured out how to work with it. 😉 I think…

  • Jill

    I love your house, so many great things to look at. I have zero style, but you inspire me. Love all your plants too.

    I’m, also, impressed that your cat didn’t manage to knock everything over on top of the bookshelf. My cat is a total klutz.

  • Shawna

    It makes my husband EXTREMELY tense if I move anything so I just make major changes every few years. This weekend, we turned our 8 year old’s room into the ultimate Star Wars room, complete with Death Star coming out of the wall.

  • Amanda

    Ooh! This is so inspiring! Your house seems amazing! I think all of these little spaces that you’ve created really make it!

  • Jenny

    I love this post! And I love how you have infused you into the way you decorate, your personal touches really shine. You have me inspired to change the energy in our home now, a perfect mid-summer project!

  • Kate

    beautiful house and post,as usual. thank you for sharing part of your life with us 🙂

  • Krysten (@themomnoms)

    We just moved into our new home, so it’s not decorated at all.
    Minus my super awesome Content Chalkboard.
    I love how you’ve done your house.
    G is pretty much the same way, he wants everything to stay exactly the same and I think that everything is made to be moved and redecorated.

  • Caroline

    Never understood how some ‘neat freaks’ can handle so much ‘stuff’ all sorta piled & random. LOL. No offense. I’m not even a neat freak. Maybe it’s just different tastes. My style is vastly different (19th C. & antiques).

    • Tracy

      I pulled up the history of all of your comments, and they’re all rude. It seems to me that you’ll be happier if you stop reading my website. Think of all the energy you waste crafting rude comments. Put it to better use!

  • Melanie

    I love this! I rearrange things too, and change pictures in frames on my piano and in the kitchen 🙂

  • India

    Okay. So part of my summer bucket list is to do something fun and different in our bedroom.your gallery wall that’s black, brown, and gold accents (the one with the letter) is my inspiration. Literally!

    Any tips? I’m not artsy, so picking stuff that’s different is a challenge for me. My current gallery walls are all plain unfortunately. I want to be more like you-eclectic and fun!

  • liz

    your home is such an inspiration from the thoughtful quotes and the intention of all placements. i look up to your style, it is helping me through my first years as a homeowner – it is so hard to find my own style but i relate so much to yours!

    thank you!!

    • Tracy

      oh thanks so much, Liz! I remember what it was like when we bought our first house. You’ll find that as you get older you’re settle into what you love to be surrounded with. It takes time to make a home, that’s for sure.

  • Ann

    Can you please come decorate my home?!? I’m in awe. I just don’t have a creative eye or the desire to decorate, but I admire the hell out of people who do and can like you!

  • LAURA V.

    i LOVE doing little vignettes around my house too! and don’t even get me started on gallery walls. if i could put them on every single wall in my house, i would. i also move stuff around constantly and i’m so glad my husband is on board with it. i think it is because i’m an introvert and feel most comfortable at home, so i want it to be interesting. yours are all amazing! (i don’t cook at all, but i love how visually stunning your site is!)

    • Tracy

      Thanks so much, Laura! I am currently trying to figure out another gallery wall in my house…..I want my whole bedroom filled with them!! Can’t stop/ won’t stop.

  • Jennifer

    Your home is so lovely!

  • Lori

    Beautiful! I especially love all the plants you have and the rainbow bookcase 🙂

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