October 15, 2014

Around the House: Guest Bedroom {AFTER}

Guest Bedroom Makeover with Valspar Paint // shutterbean


Wait for it… WAIT FOR IT.

Wait. We should look at the Before real quick.

So…. yeah. This is the guest bedroom BEFORE.  You can see more of that here.

Wait. I want to keep you in suspense. Let’s look at my mood board:


It’s amazing what a little paint, new furniture and some accessories can do, huh??!

I can’t believe my bed is actually OFF THE GROUND and not on the floor. YES.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

As you can see, I wanted a guest room with contrast!  I wanted a room that would be cheerful and relaxing with interesting things to look at. I wanted it to feel a little polished, a little fun and unexpected.  I think I got that!  It all started with the selecting our paint color– Valspar Reserve in La Fonda Deep Blue

As you can see, we have textured walls which aren’t necessarily ideal but do you know how expensive skim coating is? I like to pretend my wall texture is like snake skin. It makes me annoyed less when I look at it that way. What I love about this particular paint color is that is changes throughout the day based on the lighting. This shot right here was taken in the afternoon.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

This shot was taken in the morning with bright sun. It’s glowy!

Our new curtains are actually black out curtains so it helps filter all the light we get in the morning.

Those dark navy pom poms are super cute, huh?

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

And here’s afternoon light again.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

Night time is pretty fun too. Let me show you!

Pardon the cell phone pics.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

You can see how deep the blue is at night!

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

OK so let’s talk a little bit about the room.  We put a desk in the room for guests who have a little work to do while they’re visiting. I think I’ll eventually frame a little card that has our WIFI information so I don’t have to be called in to be tech support when I’m in my pjs… Would it be too weird to print out a room service menu?  It would probably say Eggs + Toast or waffles maybe. Tips are appreciated.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

Here it is staged with a laptop and a cup of coffee.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

A perfect place to check your emails when you’re on the road. I actually wrote a few while I was staging this laptop.

It was heavenly.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

To keep with my color scheme of White/Blue/Magenta/Black I chose these prints from Minted.

Minted provided me some art for this project! Thank you Minted!

The Three Again dots print on the top right made me think of my family of three. Love that.

The Fragment 3 pink print was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I love the pop of color!

I got the small line drawing print on the left and framed it in a white Ikea frame and taped it to a piece of black foam core board (with regular tape underneath and yellow washi tape on top) and added a B sticker on top. B for Benjamin.

I’m not quite sure where I got that print that’s on the desk. I’ve had it for YEARS!

You see those flowers? I took a piece of fun paper and wrapped it around a tall glass vase and secured it with washi tape in the back. The flowers are these artificial peonies I bought when we lived in our old house. I love the how much they brighten the room and add a feminine element it needed.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

I’m pretty happy with how the art turned out.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

Below the art, we have a little light I picked up from Crate & Barrel and some other fun things to look at.

Must remember to water that air plant & succulent. Don’t let me forget!

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

Over to the left on that small strip of wall, I took a little chunk out of one of my old Stendig Calendar  and created a little art with it. I was born on the 18th so that number makes me happy.

My Everyday Life: Week 40

See?! It’s in an IKEA frame.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

My snake plant in the corner to add a bit of green to the room.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

The showstopper…. and where we put a large chunk of our decorating budget towards was this custom faux porcupine quill mirror.  I love how it reflects the artwork on the opposite wall. Thank you for helping me pick this out, Dean! We’re seriously in love with it.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

This would be my side of the bed if we were to sleep here. LEO power!

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

We thought about taking out the mirrored closet but decided against it. It brings extra light to the room and I think it’s nice to have a mirror for guests. That way they know they’re looking good in their pjs before they come down for breakfast.

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

The Pisces side would be Casey’s side.  I’m not sure why he gets the alarm clock….he’d just press the snooze button…over and over again….

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

I bought a really awesome steamer for this project and steamed my heart out, but oh my goodness it’s so hard to keep wrinkles away from linens. Do we just go with it? Do I just have someone stand off to the side while I pull the sheets taut? Maybe in my next life I’ll have a whole team of people and someone can help me with that.

For now, I’ll just be a wolf pack of one.  

Guest Bedroom Makeover // shutterbean

And there you have it!  Our guest room is complete. Now I’m just waiting for guests. My brother is actually coming over tomorrow so he gets to be our first guest. Wahoo!




Walls: Valspar Reserve in La Fonda Deep Blue

Trim/Windows: Valspar Reserve  in  Ultra White

Valspar® Reserve™ is new premium paint from Valspar that stands up to your life, available in interior and exterior paint. Valspar Reserve is available exclusively at Lowe’s stores nationwide. It has unbeatable durability, superior adhesion, washability and unsurpassed stain + scrub resistance that stands up to stains for a cleaner appearance. All things that you want when you live with a 6 year old boy 🙂

Things I bought for this makeover project:

Things that were already in my collection:

  • Lamps (I got them from Kmart like 7 years ago!)
  • White Tray from The Container Store
  • Leo & Pisces pillows from Jonathan Adler
  • Fancy Ceramic Cat from Jonathan Adler
  • Hourglass (wedding present)
  • Alarm Clock from Target (it’s super old!)

This post is sponsored by Valspar Paint. Thanks to them, I was finally able to make my guest bedroom vision a reality!

And a big thanks to my friend Dean who helped me make this whole bedroom look come together!


  • Millie l Add A Little

    How gorgeous Tracy – love the vibrant blue colour and the pieces of art!

  • Lauren

    Wow looks awesome Tracy- I love the pink of course. I can be your second guest- I’m coming Thursday- I bet Casey didn’t tell you LOL!

  • Chuck

    you should have a guestbook for your guests to sign. I have one that has been in all my homes.

  • MIra C.

    It looks so great, Tracy! You have such an eye for design and layout! I love the color combos.

  • pam

    Love all of it. You have a great eye for design. I didn’t think I was going to like the colour but with it all done, it looks great.

  • Libby

    You’ve managed to create a guest room that would work for ANYONE!
    It’s sexy. But it’s completely innocent, too. 😛

  • Sara @ Cake Over Steak

    Tracy, this looks amazing!!! The color scheme in here really pleases me. If I were a guest in this room, I would feel sooo special. It’s like a little boutique hotel room. And that art you made from your old calendar???! Omg I love it. Reminds me of a composition I would have made in typography class. I like your style.

  • shelly

    OMG I love it! so chic

  • Leslie Rossi

    WOW! looks great, the colour makes the room pop. I’m going to forward this to my boyfriend and “inspire” him haha.


  • Jessica

    So fantastic! Rich color, bold prints. Love.

  • Michelle

    LOVE how it turned out! As for the room service menu – no, I don’t think it would be weird, but I like stuff like that. I stayed in a friend’s guest room recently and she had a tray/basket with fancy water, snacks, and a cute do not disturb sign for the door. 🙂

  • Diane

    This room is gorgeous! Wow, it really turned out great. The mirror is just so incredible. It really draws you in. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Lee @ Modern Granola

    Cute! I’m a huge fan of the blue walls.

  • Kate

    The color is perfect: bright in the daytime and soothing at night. I love the Leo pillow 🙂

  • Christine @ BookishlyB

    Beautiful! Looks like a hotel room (minus the weird stuff that would show up with black light).

  • Nikki

    I am dying for the blue walls! The pink and blue with black/white sounds severe in my theory but the execution was just perfect. Bravo!

  • Becky

    Ok, well it looks like I am officially invited over!

  • Julie

    Wow wow wow! You’ve got a new career ahead of you!

  • Alessandra @ the foodie teen

    Love it so much! It’s so cozy and fashionable! And I LOVE that calendar idea too – 18 is one of my favourite numbers as well!

  • Maryea {happy healthy mama}

    I love this! You did a fantastic job. Now I’m inspired to finally put some time and effort into our guest room. 🙂

  • Jessica H.

    Oh my gosh! Can I be your guest? Haha! This room came out beautifully. It’s such a gorgeous shade of blue. Great job!

  • Jane M

    I have a thing for a tight tucked in bed as well! So I don’t own a duvet – too OCD I think. But I’ve seen your duvet and bedding on so many sites and I hover around the BUY button and then I let it go. After seeing your room, I think I may just try a duvet and just GO WITH IT!

  • Diana

    Lovely! I particularly love the idea of taking a small print and framing it with such a large black matte and frame. Must try that in my own home!


  • Ashley

    This is so fabulous! I love your style and think you pulled off your ideas for the room perfectly! With the desk setup and wifi notecard you were talking about it made me think you should rent your guest room with Air BnB! 😉 Definitely checking out prints on Minted. We are slowlyyyy [painfully slow] starting to decorate our house after a year of renovations [with small projects continuing], so this was super inspiring! Next project I need to tackle is my office. It’s currently aqua.

  • Laura

    I LOL’d when I saw those pillows.


  • Jamie

    Wow, that’s one welcoming room. Love your color scheme. And you’re right, the alarm clock on the Pisces side is almost useless (says a fellow Pisces = )

  • Meg

    I am completely inspired by this beautiful room!!! It reminds me of how much I loved visiting model homes when I was a kid (which, yes, was just something we’d do on a random Sunday when I was growing up), and how far I am from living in one. But not for long, thanks to your motivating transformation!

  • Erin

    Beautiful, Tracy! I’ve been going back to “Three Again” on Minted from time to time for the last year or so! I love it and how it reminds me of my sweet family of three, too!

  • Kate Shu

    Jels! Love the mirror, the blue, your 18, your lines. Man.

  • deborah kasperson

    Whole 30: awesome. Very difficult to maintain with a husband and two kids that aren’t entirely in for it and sometimes I was bored with food options. However, I did feel great. Try it, at least that way you can say you did it!

  • deborah kasperson

    oops, wrong post for the whole 30 comment.

    the bedroom is awesome btw.

  • thefolia

    The room is glowing, I especially love the blue and the mirror! I wouldn’t want to leave my visit at your nest if this was my room. Happy Nesting.

  • Kristina Major


    I absolutely LOVE this room and am obsessed with that mirror. So much so that I have decided to buy the mirror and use the wall colour in my foyer. However, the colour of your walls seems soo different from the Valspar online swatch (yours are much more beautiful and jewel-tone like). I know computers can sometimes alter colours so I went to my local retailer here in The Bahamas and got a sample and the sample matches the online swatch, a very sort of dull blue. So I just wanted to double check that you did indeed use Valspar La Fonda Deep Blue on your walls? Perhaps I need to paint one wall and see how it looks.

    Love your site!

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