May 20, 2016

I Love Lists

I love lists // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday! Let’s the see what the internet was up to this week:

  1. Healthcare tips. I need as many as I can get.
  2. To my fellow Moms of Boys– read this.
  3. Dreamy outdoor area goals
  4. Flooring transitions are pretty cool. My brain loves them.
  5. Watch the Louvre pyramid disappear 
  6. I fell down a rabbit hole of survival prepping for food. 
  7. This awkward half cat is winning the internet.
  8. Umm. Second puberty? Can I opt out??!
  9. If you’re going to Palm Springs…..
  10. This photo series pleases me.
  11. Airport lines make me panic
  12. This looks fun to do.
  13. Street Style of the Great American Roadtrip. Love the old men with suspenders.
  14. Love these LOVE photos. 
  15. How to Be a BOSS
  16. Weekend goals include puff pastry + waffle iron
  17. HUSBANDS! and DADS!
  18. Researching about increasing productivity might be considered productive.
  19. The dog illustration made me laugh.
  20. 7 Stages of Aspirational Produce Shopping (HA!)
  21. I’m on Mother Mag today sharing a week’s worth of meals.

Shutterbean Recipes for you to try this weekend:

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