My Everyday Life Week 5

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 5

This slipped out of a book today. I needed it. Maybe you do too.

We are on the second day of February! 
I’m setting some time aside today to finish the January entry of my Currently Workbook! It’s been so fun to see how people are using it, on our private facebook group. I’m so proud of your work!!! 

Highlight of the week was making this cat box with Cooper.

So far Huggy is its #1 fan.

The ladies are like mehh.

I spent a lot of time in the yard this week.

It feels good to see my hard work pay off. 

Emma gave me the cutest socks.

I put a magic happens sticker on my water bottle.  Makes me happy to see it.

Dirty reflection almost looking cosmic.



Steamy mirror after a shower.

I completed a whole month of tracking food in my food journal!

I avoided bread all month. All gluten, really. Got rid of dairy & alcohol. 

Lost 6 lbs.  Feeling more energetic! I want to keep it up longer. 

Huggy is a kitchen cat.

I didn’t want to work out but I did.

I was thinking about hourglasses and how you never really see them sideways.

Looked up the symbolism online.  Then found one under the driver’s seat in my car.

So much synchronicity lately.  


The seed library at the Fairfax library is full of fun things. 

Doggos making eye contact with me.


Someone got a haricut! His eyes always look brighter when he has less hair.

It takes me time to adjust to it.

Excited to watch things grow!

Casey got a haircut. His hair is my favorite. 

Hot tea & sunshine.



Not letting me work.

Thai Basil Tofu leftovers!  They were delightful.

Kitten energy reminds me of how we all start off fresh and innocent.

A corner of curiousities in our entryway.

I took myself on a walk.

A muddy walk.

I was rewarded with this view.

And this.

I didn’t have headphones.

Spent an hour listening to the sounds of the outdoors.

Was greeted by a rainbow.

Found another dimension.

A large waterfall.

Thought of my Mom & my grandpa (her Dad) and how I wear their rings on my hand.

After school snack. 


Sending out orders. Thinking of my niece.

Meal prep- turkey burger potatoes & pickled onions. 

I like turning this banana bread recipe into muffins and putting chocolate chips on top.

I bake for about 15-18 mins.

My boys inhaled them and they were gone in less than 48 hours.

Cat bowl.

Cat in my grocery bags.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try this.  It helped me greatly this week. xo



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