February 10, 2017

I love lists

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Welcome to I love Lists! It’s Friday. Pull up a chair and let’s surf the net together!


  1. I think my boys would love this for Valentine’s Day.
  2. What it’s like to be an artist.
  3. Oh,Fiona!
  4. Things I research on Pinterest: vintage grocery stores + vintage recipes
  5. Time travel machine- celebs in the 70s/80s
  6. If you want to go down a rabbit hole of wave photos.
  7. How do you recover from long ass flights?
  8. If dictionaries were honest.
  9. This made me lol.
  10. How to photograph an elephant, cuz I know you’re curious.
  11. Some good nuggets of wisdom in here.
  12. I think about this movie a lot.
  13. Valentine outfit: This dress with these shoes & this jacket
  14. Give me all these cookies and these brownies. K, thanks bye.
  15. Roast chicken hacks. Very handy!
  16. Selfies ruined….by reflections. This will make my mom LOL.
  17. A brilliant way to remove stickers off of things. I wish I knew this decades ago.
  18. You guys…I’ve been praising the trader joe’s soyrizo for years.
  19. I’m a nurturer when it comes to gardening. Also my word choices make me an introvert.
  20. You know what would be fun? If you paired this menu with Ladies Craft Night.
  21. Weekend reading: 7 Laws of Spiritual Success (I bought this awhile ago and never read it!)

(illustration above is a collab with helenjane.com)

  • Megan

    I’m also very intrigued by vintage recipes. Sometimes they are amazing. Other times, it’s like “you put WHAT in green jello?!” Happy Friday 🙂

    • Tracy

      exactly! also, some of them are ridiculously short. we have so many descriptions in our recipes now!

  • Ellen

    Oh wow, I will have to try the sticker trick…

  • Paula

    I still believe that your brownie recipe is the best that you have on your site. It turns out perfect every time and you can easily double it and it still turns out great. In fact I am making some today to celebrate Valentine’s Day a bit early so we can have them with our morning coffee tomorrow.

    I would love it if you did a post about your succulent garden and what goes into planning/planting/propogating as well as which varieties you have had success with. Here in Alberta,Canada I have to keep all of mine inside until summer and I am so jealous that you can have them outside year round.

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