May 25, 2018


I love lists // shutterbean.com


  1. I got Julie Taylor
  2. Savory beignets! YES PLEASE.
  3. Kitchen tools to bring to your weekend rental.  We used to bring our espresso machine!
  4. Some pretty cool elevators (to get stuck in)
  5. The cake I want for my birthday this year.
  6. I always love reading about food waste solutions. How about you?
  7. Why you’re getting all those privacy emails this week.
  8. Parenting goals
  9. What it means to live a slower life.
  10. I find it fascinating to look at what’s on the McDonald’s menus around the world.
  11. Some of these yearbook quotes are unbelievable. 
  12. Yay! Necco is still alive! 
  13. Fingers crossed.
  14. Skincare as a coping mechanism
  15. These printable planners are so cool. Gonna play with some soon.
  16. Can you catch up on sleep during the weekend?
  17. Women who are changing the world
  18. How I learned to make friends with my anxiety (currently working on this)
  19. I am not sure if I remember Bonkers candy…
  20. All my favorite strawberry recipes in case you missed it!
  21. How Japanese soy sauce has been made over the last 750 years.
  22. Moleskine makes an app. Great, another thing for me to try and still have a paper calendar.
  23. If you’ve never been to one of David Sedaris’ readings, you’re missing out!
  24. This dress with these shoes and a cute denim jacket please.

Reading Inventing Joy  (really into it so far)

Licorice chips– my grandpa used to have these on his nightstand when I was a kid and I brought them back into my life. They’re an amazing coping mechanism.

I’ve been using my mom’s coach bag for the past week. Every time I open it, it smells like my childhood. Scent is a really powerful thing.

  • Julie

    Finding out about Lotta from Stockholm from you a while back=best thing that ever happened. Have a great weekend!

  • Liz

    Bonkers!!! Those were my favorite candy! I remember the commercial so well.
    Bonkers. Bonks you out.
    With the giant fruit falling on people

    Also so sweet about using your mom’s bag. Scent is so powerful. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jill Martin

    I can’t agree more about David Sedaris. I had no idea what to expect the first time. Now I’ve been to three and would go at any opportunity. When I read his stories it’s always in his voice. Plus, he gave me a macaron at the last reading!

  • Jamie

    “Moleskine makes an app. Great, another thing for me to try and still have a paper calendar.”

    Best quote ever!

  • Alicia A

    I grew up in Boston and we also had Schraffts candy too.
    I just finished a roll of Necco wafers while I was reading your blog…go figure.

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