Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

It’s Monday and we’re back in the mix! All it takes is a couple of days away from home and I get the urge to REBOOT everything in my life. There’s something about being away that makes you appreciate/miss your routines at home. Since my Mom died, things have been thrown off but right now, at this moment, I’m starting to feel more like myself again. Time to get my Intentions for the Week out!

Oh!  I did some Meal Prep! this week, so that’s exciting.

Shutterbean Meal Prep - See more on

Meal Prep includes:

potato salad / a riff off these chocolate energy bars / mom’s green salad vinagrette/ lemon ginger elixir/pasta salad/hard-boiled eggs in an Instant Pot


Intentions for the Week:

  • finish laundry
  • bring in car for service
  • oil change on car
  • return library books
  • edit photos/upload/invoice
  • add new zine to The Handwriting Club (take photos/post)
  • get outside and go for a walk
  • YOGA
  • make more dinners at home
  • work on a new recipe
  • post pictures from the weekend
  • figure out when I’m going to do a workshop & where
  • get supplies for brush lettering class
  • keep up the healthy eating habits
  • finish Intentions for the Year post
  • free up space on my phone
  • find time to be creative
  • get haircut (YAAAAAAY!)
  • figure out party for school auction/meet with sonia

Last Week’s Intentions:

  • accounting work
  • conquer laundry pile
  • hang out with Leslie
  • sort through letters/enter addresses in my holiday card spreadsheet
  • post Intentions for the Year (probably tomorrow!)
  • eat more salads
  • work on printer
  • delete surplus of photos on computer
  • send out letters/stuff for The Handwriting Club
  • make lemon ginger elixir
  • clean out fridge/keep it clean
  • have a long date with my calendar
  • figure out Easter vacation plans
  • order a kit from ThredUp to clean out closet
  • make a list of things I want to do around the house this year
  • make a new recipe for the blog   (check out this orzo)
  • get outside & move body go to yoga
  • dip toes in the ocean (stood in a creek)


Mantra for the Week:



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  • Anne Dalbjerg

    Hi Tracy
    You wrote that you’re loosing followers because you share the grief following the passing of your mum with us.That makes me stunned. You have the courage to share your life with us, even during sad times – people grief in different ways and I believe thatit’s a good reminder to all, that different doesn’t mean right or wrong. Stay strong we’re all seeing Tracy in your posts and knowing that your mum will always be close to you, because she is in you.

    • Tracy

      Thanks, Anne! It is a good reminder. It’s also a good reminder that not everyone is my kinda people and THAT’S OK. I know that what I am doing is helping the people who need it/giving people the perspective that they need. My mother is obviously in me. This would be her response to and I know that somewhere she is watching me and proud of what I am doing. xoxoxoxo

  • Scarlett

    So glad to hear you’re getting back into the swing of things! It’s so important to take the time you need after such a big loss, but it seems sometimes that getting back into your routine is a comfort in and of itself. This week my intentions are to keep up with my healthy eating habits and to work on some paper flowers! I may be teaching a class at an art studio in town so I need to get busy!

  • Emily

    Probably also worth remembering that people follow/unfollow based on what they need and want to see in a given season of their life. Unfollowing is not necessarily a condemnation, it could just reflect what people feel like allowing into their social media world in a given moment (I follow and unfollow and refollow all the time). There might be a smaller audience for grief processing than easier stuff like food and crafts, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable!

    • Tracy

      I definitely understand that. I don’t think it’s a condemnation. I know what I am doing is valuable to people.

      When you’re going through grief/mixing your work and life together it all gets a little murky. All types of feelings come up. That’s for sure.

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