February 10, 2023


Love Yourself- I love lists // shutterbean



  1. The best/worst parts of being a wedding photographer.
  2. I like seeing what cheaper versions of things people swear by.
  3. It would be fun to work in a tiny home.
  4. Unrealized projects from Frank Lloyd Wright get brought to life through 3D rendering.
  5. Travel hacks shared by a flight attendant.
  6. What the oval office would look like redone in different design styles.
  7. Groundbreaking inventions discovered by accident.
  8. What will the drive-thru of the future look like?
  9. The 12 Worst Rated Travel Attractions in the World.
  10. Burger King is happy with their viral ad campaign. Cooper loves it…
  11. I use Bonne Maman jars to store halved avocados. 
  12. 140 Life rules to maybe think about and live by?
  13. What’s the best way to keep guacamole from turning brown?
  14. How to get started with mindful movement.
  15. AMC is going to charge you more for sitting in the middle of a theater.
  16. Architectural bubbles = bubbltecture
  17. At home tacos that are just like Taco Bell! yes please. 
  18. Need a pick-me-up? Just StART! 
  19. I want a new tunic: one / two / three 
  20. I hope simple drop biscuits or chilaquiles are in your weekend plans! 
  21. Weekend reading: 100 Things We’ve Lost to the Internet 

    I started a substack for The Handwriting Club! I hope you enjoy it 🙂


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