February 9, 2024


I am Learning How to Accept the Things I Cannot Change - I love lists // shutterbean


  1. Some things to do in Las Vegas. 
  2. How air fryers really work.
  3. I want pizza dip.
  4. What’s an atmospheric river? 
  5. I wanna try hot honey fries. 
  6. I want to visit some national parks. 
  7. How much should a Big Mac cost?
  8. This beach house is dreams.
  9. A guide to winter pruning. 
  10. Classical figures in contemporary times. 
  11. How to mess with Alexa.
  12. How to effectively communicate with a cat. 
  13. This is basically my mom’s chocolate cake recipe 😉
  14. I’d like this cake for Valentine’s day, please. 
  15. My mom used to wear these shoes and I would always try them on.
  16. Game day eats: muffuletta pizza / pressed Italian sandwiches
  17. If you need Valentine’s Day ideas, I got you! 
  18. Time travel: men & their automobiles in the 1920s. 
  19. What are the most intense movie scenes in history?
  20. Weekend reading: The Power of Ritual

Intentions Workshop- Tracy Benjamin + MC McDonald, PhD

It’s not too late to set intentions for the year! Join me and my friend Dr. MC McDonald tomorrow morning! 

Here’s the link!  

We will be mapping out our Intentions for the Year together on a live Zoom! 

  • Kim

    I once had a pair of those dr. Scholls in a beautiful deep violet color. It must have been in the 70’s. Good for strolling but not for walking fast !!!!

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