May 3, 2024


A community can only flourish when... writing by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com- i love lists


  1. Are you using these features in Notes? 
  2. A whole bunch of money-saving habits! 
  3. Hotels doing cool things. 
  4. You had one job. 
  5. 3000 people in dinosaur costumes.
  6. What your front door color says about you.
  7. Snoop Dog has his own ice cream now. 
  8. Used envelopes turned art. 
  9. I reintroduced incense matches in my life.
  10. How to build a b&w darkroom in your bathroom.
  11. Glad I have always posted original content on Instagram.
  12. What’s the best meatloaf recipe on the internet?
  13. I need to make my own Spanish rice. 
  14. What’s that white stuff on your food?
  15. Species that have made amazing comebacks.
  16. What’s the difference between wolves & coyotes?
  17. Jack Kerouac dropped some writing tips.
  18. Do I need a food chopper? Do you have one? 
  19. People in their kitchens in the 1970s.
  20. Weekend Reading: A Year in Practice 

The Handwriting Club- Currently April 2024 in Currently Workbook

You may have wondered where my Currently Workbook pages are. They’re on Substack!  I have switched over to that platform so I can share my pages/months without ads. 

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A big thank you to those who have subscribed. And for the paid members (THANKKKKSSS!!!!), we will be doing art dates together online this summer. I can’t wait. 



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