Intentions for the Week


Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Happy Monday!! How’s your Monday so far? Cooper is with me all week while I work from home, so we have a lot to tackle. It’s meant that I work late into the night. But on the flip side, it means we don’t have to rush around in the morning to get to Cooper off to school.  The Summer schedule has been quite an adjustment, but just when we get into a good routine/rhythmIntentions for the Week:

  • yoga + hike
  • clean out fridge
  • go through pantry/sort/organize
  • straighten up makeup drawer
  • work on recipes for the blog
  • figure out what organizing projects to blog about
  • deep clean bathrooms – wash shower curtain
  • return library books
  • empty out car/wash it
  • work on a few art classes with Cooper
  • trip into the city for an adventure with Cooper
  • delete photos from phone to clear off space
  • transfer photos to hard drive
  • tackle inbox
  • be mindful about eating
  • drink more water
  • go through Cooper’s closet + donate clothes he’s outgrown
  • eat dinner outside as much as possible
  • start forming post about succulents
  • work on zines/Esty shop stuff
  • write letters to pen pals
  • work on  Currently post for July


Last Week’s Intentions:

  • write/post about cheeseboard  (check it out here!)
  • make kombucha  (this week I made guava mango bucha)
  • make a meal plan
  • work on book(s)/zines
  • photograph products Etsy shop
  • tackle Inbox/DELETE like a mad woman (this week!)
  • finish tax stuff
  • make waffles (ended up making banana bread instead)
  • do meal prep  (done! check it out here)
  • finish skillshare course on making zines
  • listen to this podcast for the first time (listened to half of it!)
  • yoga x2 / walk  (went to yoga once)
  • delete photos on phone (deleted about 300, need to do more)
  • work on art with Cooper
  • spend less (wasted) time on the internet/social media (was better at leaving phone in other rooms)
  • go for a night time walk with family (maybe this week?)
  • eat outside
  • make plans for a BBQ (did not do)
  • research a good watering can (abandoned search, going to keep looking)
  • mindful eating- track with MyFitnessPal? (nope! there’s always this week!)
  • keep the house clean/go slow (hahaha impossible with child at home right now)
  • do nighttime reading 
  • dye my hair
  • drink more water (I sucked at this)
  • write letters (definitely getting behind on this)

What about you? What are you up to this week?

Leave your intentions for this week in the comments.

I love seeing what you’re up to!

  • Abby

    Tracy, your intention setting for the week always helps me get my stuff together, so thank you for the kick in the pants! I really need it this week after a super stressful weekend. My intentions are:

    – Take trash to dump
    – Re-spray bedroom with insecticide (we discovered BED BUGS this weekend ugh ugh ugh)
    – Mop all floors
    – Call contractors about sealing our basement
    – Meal prep
    – Try to relax and not feel like bugs are constantly crawling all over me
    – Do one really nice thing for my husband, who has been my exterminating hero and without whom I would not have survived the bed bug situation at all

    PSA to everyone: Do not buy cheap particle board bed sets, because bugs looooove to burrow in there and lay eggs. I’m never sleeping on anything other than metal bed frames EVER again. And if you don’t already have bed bug protection covers on all your mattresses, box springs, and pillows, do yourself a favor and get some in the name of prevention.

  • Brianne Tomlin

    Not sure if you’re looking for a watering can for indoor or outdoor, but we just bought this one for outdoor and we love it! Have one from Ikea that I use indoor and like as well

  • Carolyn S.

    Haws makes beautiful, functional watering cans, both metal and plastic. I have had one for at least ten years. It is well balanced and attractive. Expensive, but worth it. I enjoy your posts, Tracy. Thanks so much.

    • Tracy

      Ooooh! Those are really nice. I especially love the black one (go figure) thanks for sharing!

  • Jamie

    Hold on, hahaha, can’t stop laughing, hahaha, “Keep house clean” (laughing at myself even thinking that’s a possibility with 2 dogs and a 5-year-old in the house…)

    My intentions for the week:

    Meditate daily (fell off the wagon last week, no worries)
    Journal more often
    Clean house before birthday party on Saturday
    Rehearse both dances for gig on Saturday
    Gather costume together for gig
    Plan meals before shopping tonight
    Get to sleep by 10:00 each night!

    • Tracy


      oooh costume for gig? color me intrigued.

      • Jamie

        I’m in a bellydance troupe and we have a performance on Saturday. I haven’t used the costume since May, hence I should gather the parts and pieces before I need them!

  • Rebeca

    I need to buy a new laptop because mine is on its last legs.
    Cleaning would also be nice – I’ve been on my own for the past week and this place is a mess. I’ve been so tired that I’ve been doing the bare minimum. Bloodwork revealed low iron deposits, so now I have an excuse, I suppose.

  • Jessy

    I am OBSESSED with that podcast now. Thank you haha it’s so interesting

  • Janet Fazio

    Love this idea. Here are some of mine:

    Laundry (including folding and putting away)
    Straighten up house each evening before bed
    Drink 64 ounces of water a day
    Go to bed by 10 pm
    Eat out less often
    Read every night
    Try to make as many people smile as possible.

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