July 6, 2007

fragments of the 4th

neighbors clothespins



so many things to do!!!!!!!! I can’t believe how many times i’ve cleaned up the kitchen in the past few days. It was like my cabinets projectile vomited on EVERY surface of my kitchen. Having 4th of July on a Wednesday really messed with me. It felt more like a Sunday… I got excited that I had my Sunday TV shows waiting for me on our DVR—- BUT NO! It’s just another WEDNESDAY!…and YES, you have to wake up early for work. Not fair.

Over the past few days:

-found dining room chairs for dining room (silver-leafed just like the ceiling!)
-new custom curtains in our bedroom sewn & installed (a BIG thank you to my mother-in-law!)
-hung out with neighbors & ate leftovers

Things are coming along…now we just need to figure out this air conditioning thing. Having people over when it’s 100 degrees just doesn’t fly.

July 5, 2007

sweets I made for our 4th of july block party

magnolia cookbook recipes:

vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream /chocolate ones too! (frosting was amazing)

banana pudding (very tasty, i have tons leftover since i tripled the recipe!)

July 2, 2007

goodbye napa house

henry & casey

crab & cucumber sitting on my lap

peaches for peach crisp!

towel party

night time swimming

the moon (not the sun)

this weekend marked the last weekend that we will be spending at Casey’s brother & sister-in-law’s house.

    things i will never forget about this house:

-all the times we spent out in the backyard by the pool
-listening to classic rock on the hello-kitty boombox
-watching Emma & Spencer dive off the diving board for the first time!
-watching Casey & his brothers come up with new ways to throw a ball & have someone catch it off the diving board
-blown up barbie heads in the backyard
-lighting our first fire outside
-that night we went to the french laundry & hopped right into the pool without clothes on
-playing catch in the front yard
-the wonderful feeling of being relaxed after spending all weekend in the sun
-the ice cream man…choco taco…watermelon schnapps!
-spencer the master of smores!
-that creepy neighbor & the *damnit-amber* neighbor!
-all the food we ate & the wine we drank….

the good times…the bad times…this house sure did have mojo! you will be missed, dear napa house.

June 26, 2007

drumsticks on a sunday night.


waiting for cars to pass

neighbors house

cambria gets a drumstick

Spending nights outside with my neighbors triggers memories of my childhood. Those nights when it’s almost 9pm and the sky is still bright….playing around the front yard with frisbees (the one i played with got run over by a car!). And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the ice cream man drove by.

June 20, 2007

fuzzy cupcakes

craft night cupcakes

what: craft night.
where: my house
when: this evening
who: becky & melisser
why: cuz it’s FUN!

June 18, 2007

happy fathers day!

appetizers on the patio- happy fathers day!
our house reflected in a wineglass
grilled crispy lavash bread
fathers day dessert
take a spoon

I’ve come to the conclusion that eating is so much better when done outside. We moved into our house almost a year ago (july 4th will be our move-in anniversary). For the first three months, we did not eat a single meal inside. Casey says the food I make for us is always better during the summer. I think it’s just cuz we get to eat it outside! Now that the weather is warmer, breakfast/lunch/dinner will be eaten on the patio. Food just tastes better that way!

Fathers Day Dinner included:

-cheese plate (with marcona almonds)
-tomato/mozzarella/crusty bread with olive oil topped with homemade pesto
-middle eastern inspired ground lamb kebabs
-salad with tomatoes, red onion, italian parsley, feta & cucumber with a lemon oregano dressing
-crispy lavash bread
-vanilla roasted apricots mixed with strawberries, mangoes and cherries on top of a dollop of honey lemon ricotta & marscapone cheese mixture
-4 bottles of red wine!
-vegan food for my brother (indian rice with vegan burger & vegan chocolate pudding)
-laughter, sillyness, and fun moments. Happy Father’s Day Dad!

The Weekend:

-shopping for gifts at Bath and Body Works (i love these!)
-drinks with neighbors/made a potato salad with cilantro & grilled chicken (vinegar based)/drinks with other neighbors
-speaker installed in ceiling of kitchen
-wallmounted touch panel installed in wall of kitchen (means I can listen to music while cooking & cleaning up what a cook! yay!)
-dinner to celebrate a friends birthday at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (bloody $50 bill fight in the front-don’t ask)
-ice cream at Mitchells (chocolate caramel crackle with another scoop of strawberry) Husband god Toasted Almond & Mexican chocolate.
-grocery shopping at Whole Paycheck…err… I mean Whole Foods
-house cleaning & gardening for parents arrival
-father’s day dinner
-hanging out with neighbors- another neighbor brought over yummy bread pudding with a lemon rum glaze.

i have to stop eating. time to catch up on Big Love & Entourage.

June 18, 2007

Vanilla Roasted Apricots

it's the pits
prep for father's day dessert
vanilla roasted apricots.

make your own vanilla roasted apricots:

-2 tablespoons butter
-12 apricots halfed & pitted
-2 vanilla bean pods
-1/4 cup of sugar plus 2 tablespoons
-half of 1 lemon (squeezed)
-dash of water

-preheat oven to 375 degrees
-butter apricot halves- add 2 tablespoons of sugar and thouroughly coat (i used a ziploc bag to mix it all up in)
-put apricots in a baking dish
-in a small pot, warm 1/4 cup of sugar with 1/4 cup of honey, dash of water, 2 scraped vanilla pods & lemon juice (heat til sugar dissolves)
-pour most of the liquid over the apricots- put in oven and bake 20-25 minutes (continue to baste with liquid during baking time)