September 10, 2011

365- Week 36

A food related photo everyday until 2012. Here’s Week 35:

249/365 My husband’s new obsession- Ice. Exhibit A:


248/365 Cold white peaches for snack.


247/365 Me & Coop split chicken fajitas. Cooper had his first horchata.


246/365  Cooper’s new favorite smoothie-Pineapple Banana Strawberry (the only way he’ll eat pineapple).


245/365 Making a version of this Tomato Salad for a BBQ.


244/365 A little cornbread, butter & honey to start at Luka’s in Oakland.


243/365 Grilled chicken, tomato & arugula salad, a baked potato & a Moscow Mule.


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  • lulu

    Wow- i never thought of putting honey on cornbread (i usually have mine w/ bbq sauce). Yum!
    I can relate to cooper’s dislike of pineapple. I find it to be quite tart and can only eat it w/ something sweet
    P.S. love love love the breakfast pizza- made it today (and the eggs came out perfectly, if you must know)

    • Tracy

      Oh awesome!!! I’m so glad it worked out. That’s fantastic! You should try it with honey! It’s really really good. I’ve never had it with bbq sauce…

  • NicoleD

    Marc is obsessed with ice, too! He likes chipping his own, perfect cubes and crushed ice.

  • lynn @ the actor's diet

    cooper beat me – i’ve never had a horchata before!

  • Casey

    I’ve been experimenting with getting thick, dense, air bubble free crystal clear ice. I like huge cubes that barely fit in a rocks glass along with Scotch or dark aged Rum. I finally broke down and got the Polar Ice Tray We’ll see how it goes.

  • Petra

    Yay! What a wonderful week that must have been. Love all the pictures. That Moscow Mule looks pretty tempting. Yum! Looking forward to what your new week brings. 🙂 Petra

  • laura k

    Luka’s is right across the street from our apartment! I haven’t been there in awhile, but we might have to go back soon. On Sunday, they have a 50% off all bottles of wine deal. 🙂

    I totally thought the BPC cashew milk tasted like horchata.

    • Tracy

      Oh wow! 50??? that’s crazytown. You should def go. If I lived right across the street, I’d be there OFTEN. There were SOO many things on the menu I wanted to try.

      And yes! The BPC cashew milk TOTALLY tasted like horchata. I liked the thickness of it better than actually horchata.

  • Lucia

    Cornbread with butter and honey, oh dear! I want it for breakfast, I want it right now!

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