Pesto Toast

Pesto Toast // shutterbean

Pesto + Sourdough Toast + Parmesan Cheese. You could really make a meal out of it, but sometimes you just need a little something something that satisfies your savory crunchy snack needs. When we have a loaf of sourdough, which is like almost always, I take the small pieces that don’t make for good sandwiches (because they’re soooo small!) and turn them into pesto toast. Sometimes they’re oh I just need a little bit of peanut butter on toast toasts. Anyways, don’t forget about pesto toast!

Pumpkin Spice French Toast

Pumpkin Spice French Toast // shutterbean

I love french toast. I always have and always will.  I almost never order it when we go out to eat because I will eat all of it. It’s also because half way stuffing my face with french toast, my inner food voice is like WAIT we wanted savory for breakfast! What are you doing?!  And then there’s this little feeling of regret. Regret that I should have ordered a side of bacon.

Pumpkin Spice French Toast // shutterbean

Cooper is also Team French Toast; I love that about him. Even though he’s totally picky and won’t eat things like PASTA, I know that he does carry the bread gene and that makes me happy. Casey is not a fan of custardy egg things. Womp womp. He’s definitely warming up to mushrooms so there’s maybe there’s hope?

Pumpkin Spice French Toast // shutterbean

A few weeks ago I bought a loaf of brioche bread to make french toast. I’m surprised that I had the willpower to actually make french toast. Brioche and challah both make me weak in the knees. I grabbed a jar of pumpkin butter, added extra cinnamon and pumpkin spice to my french toast custard base and whipped up these hearty/eggy/pumpkin spice french toast slices. Because I like to push things over the edge of deliciousness, I made a batch of pumpkin cream cheese. A little dollop on top of the french toast  and a drizzle of maple syrup and all is right. Hello, dreamy Autumn breakfast! I am so into you.

Stuffed Mushroom Rolls

Stuffed Mushroom Rolls // shutterbean

I bought pizza dough at Trader Joe’s this week thinking I’d make pizza. But then life got in the way and Casey took Cooper out to pizza and they came home with a crazy amount of leftovers which meant I’d have to repurpose the dough in some other fashion.

Stuffed Mushroom Rolls // shutterbean

I thought about the garlic butter rolls I made with pizza dough (FOUR) years ago and how popular they were online & in my household. But this time I stuffed them with mushrooms and CHEESE because MUSHROOMS AND CHEESE.  Winning combo if you ask me.

Stuffed Mushroom Rolls // shutterbean

It’s the time of year where I want mushroom EVERYTHING. The mushrooms inside these rolls are super garlic-y and have an injection of herbs and creamy Parmesan to make them EVEN BETTER.  If you’re looking to make an easy dinner, these would be fantastic with a side of marinara or better yet a little saucer filled with alfredo sauce. Just add a salad to round it all out. I grilled some leftovers on our panini press and served them with eggs & spinach for Sunday breakfast this past weekend. They were crispy perfection.

And I Quote:

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My Everyday Life: Week 39

Here’s what this past week looked like:

My Everyday Life: Week 39

I love lists, Friday!


  1. If you’re looking for your life’s purpose, read this.
  2. Surviving jet lag WITH KIDS.
  3. Some healthy tips for real food newbies.
  4. Note to Self: Take Care of Yourself
  5. I believe that a home is not a home unless it’s full of books.
  6. OMG. Yes to #14
  7. This makes me sad.
  8. On the TO DO LIST: Maple Pumpkin Latte Syrup
  9. Taco Commandments. Yes someone wrote them.
  10. I think I just spent an hour looking at clogs. 
  11. Lena Dunham is my favorite. I can’t wait to read Not That Kind of Girl
  12. Let’s test your knowledge on Kitchen Superstitions. 
  13. Just downloaded Eleanor & Park on my kindle. Excited to read it!
  14. Oh man. This photo series is TOO GOOD.
  15. Cheez-Its are my gateway drug.
  16. I follow this Mom & Son on Vine. They make me so happy.
  17. This & this both make me wanna go on a road trip so bad.
  18. Plants vs. Concrete
  19. I have dining room envy.
  20. I’ve been daydreaming about this sandwich lately.




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Taste Testers Kitchen made my Turkey & Pepper Panini 

About a Boy made my Vanilla Walnut “Shortbread” Cookies 

Thoroughly Nourished Life adapted my  Spicy Corn Tomato Avocado Salad

The Muffin Myth adapted my Banana Walnut Granola

Peanut Butter + Cinnamon Raisin Toast

Peanut Butter + Cinnamon Raisin Toast // shutterbean

Last year I fell deep into a crumpet phase. CRUMPETS for breakfast everyday for like a month or so. Right now I’m in a cinnamon raisin toast phase. I either get a loaf from Trader Joe’s (it makes excellent french toast btw!) or I grab a loaf of Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Bread if I’m feeling like I need to balance out. I usually put coconut butter on top for breakfast but in the afternoons I smear a little bit of peanut butter on top. There’s something so good about the peanut butter, cinnamon and raisin combination. It feels like a decadent snack if you ask me.

Masala Kale Chips

Masala Kale Chips // shutterbean

Kale chips are on the list of Things I Will Never Buy at a Store.  I don’t care how good they are, they’re EXPENSIVE and I can just make my own dang kale chips, thank you very much. But maybe if I’m on a road trip and I’ve eaten too many of my obligatory road trip red vines & beef jerky THEN I’ll buy kale chips.  If the rest stop has kale chips, I’m also getting a kombucha. Just so you know.

Masala Kale Chips // shutterbean

It’s really the special flavoring that commands the price. I mean… $7 for a bag of cheesy kale chips?  There’s not even a whole bunch of kale in that little air filled bag. You’re ultimately paying for cheesy flavoring.  These Masala Kale Chips, though? I’d pay the premium if I had to. Fortunately, I can make them myself WHENEVER I feel like it. All I really need is kale and access to my kitchen pantry.

Masala Kale Chips // shutterbean

The recipe comes from Aarti Paarti: An American Kitchen with an Indian Soul.  To say these kale chips are fabulous is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  You combine curry, ground cashews, maple syrup and nutritional yeast with oil and you saturate the kale with it. Then you bake until the kale is crispy and the topping is nice and golden and OMG YOU CANNOT STOP EATING THEM.  I have this weird pet peeve about people drinking their food (you know… tipping a bowl or a bag of chips and funneling food into their mouths) but I would totally understand if you funneled every last crumb from the bottom of the bowl into your mouth. I totally forgive you…just don’t let me hear you doing it. I may or may not have my eyes closed.