Raspberry Lemon Yogurt Popsicles

Raspberry Lemon Yogurt Popsicles // shutterbean

I have this trait that’s both positive and negative… it’s this thing where I really want to prove someone wrong. It’s kind of like when someone calls Marty McFly a chicken; he can’t help but retaliate. This trait gets triggered the most when I’m parenting because I have a child who can be quite stubborn at times. His stubbornness comes out a lot when we’re eating. One week he loves broccoli. The next? DON’T EVEN SAY THE WORD (don’t do it!!). Raspberry jam is his favorite jam but will he eat a regular raspberry?? No, sir. Imagine me putting a raspberry on top each of my fingers showing him how fun it is. I did that and he was still not convinced.

Raspberry Lemon Yogurt Popsicles // shutterbean

This is when my brain locks into MUST PROVE HIM WRONG mode.

Oh yeah? You don’t like raspberries? How about I pack almost two containers of fresh raspberries into some popsicles (his favorite treat) and swirl in some leftover lemon curd for good measure? Let’s see how that goes.

It went something like this.

Raspberry Lemon Yogurt Popsicles // shutterbean

Him: MOM! These are NOT RASPBERRIES. Why did you say they are when they’re not?!

Me:  They are raspberries. 

Him: NO THEY ARE NOT because I LIKE THEM. Can I have a popsicle for breakfast tomorrow?

We pick our battles, folks.

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cake

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cake // shutterbean

Want the recipe for the easiest ice cream dessert EVER? You’re gonna laugh when you see how easy it is. You ready??

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cake // shutterbean

Take two different ice creams. Set them on the counter for a bit so they get melty. Take a bunch of Oreos and smash them.

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cake // shutterbean

Layer the ice creams in between a thick layer of the smashed cookies and FREEZE. This all happens in a loaf pan. The result is a super tasty showstopper that you can take a ridiculous amount of credit for…and no one will comprehend that something so pretty could be that easy. Kudos to you! You just won battle DESSERT.

My Favorite Summer Drinks Recipes


Don’t you love a good SUMMERY DRINK? I searched my archives for you and put together a compilation of my favorites.


The name says it all…..


Lime….gin… fizz… What could go wrong?


We live off this drink in the Summer!


Add a little somethin’ somethin’ to your lemonade!  Pairs well with tequila!


Green tea gets FANCY!


They go down easy…which is something I appreciate in a good drink.


Pineapple and gin is one of my favorite combos!
French Quarter Cocktails // shutterbean


Transport me to Nola STAT with these babies.

today's drink


Taste like a cocktail but there’s not booze in there! Gotta love the basil.


Some days call for Blood Marys…on a porch…before noon. You know what I’m sayin’?!


Perfect for when you have an abundance of Mint in your garden! It grows like weeds!


Can you say REFRESHING?!! Perfect drink for all you cilantro fans.

strawberry infused vodka


What do you do with excess strawberries? Make a vodka infusion with them!


Cooper is quite a fan of these. I don’t blame him. ICE CREAM.


A perfect light summer breakfast.

Avocado Superfood Smoothie // shutterbean


When you realize you bought waaaaaaaaay too many berries & avocados, turn them into a smoothie!


My Everyday Life: Week 25

Here’s what this past week looked like:

My baby graduated from preschool!

My Everyday Life: Week 25

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Crimes against design...I always love these.
  2. Who doesn’t love a good life hack?
  3. The perfect way to slice a cake...Am I the only one who thinks a rubber band around a cake is weird?
  4. Orange is the New Black characters that have been on  Law & Order. Holy crap!
  5. What to bring to vacation rental kitchen this summer.
  6. Aida!! You had me at chipotle!
  7. This Raspberry Polenta Cake looks scrumptious.
  8. 15 Lessons Learned from 20 Years at The French Laundry (love!!!)
  9. This video makes me want to go on vacation SO BAD.
  10. Maybe I don’t wanna go camping this summer….
  11. If I get some free time, I’d love to make these sparkly plant pots.
  12. These babies are THE CUTEST. They’re lucky to have such a funny Mama.
  13. I want to eat the Most Ridiculous Breakfast Sandwich Ever. Who doesn’t??
  14. Loved seeing a Day in the Life of Jeni Britton of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.
  15. If you’re obsessed with David Sedaris like me, you’ll love this interview & this video!
  16. You should check out St. George Spirits! I went there with Honestly Yum last month.
  17. I am too immature to watch this commercial.
  18. What a fun/informative interview with Jen Gotch.  I love ban.do.
  19. Some really good Ikea hacks. I love seeing what people come up with.
  20. I mishear lyrics ALL the time. These are hysterical.


What in Your Fridge?! Food Blogger Edition! You can see mine here.

On the latest Joy the Baker Podcast, we talk about BLOGGING and the word WHEELHOUSE. We answer all of your questions about the subject and we figure out what Orange Is the New Black character I am…  Check out episode #22 here. ENJOY!


Neelu’s Journal made my Spiced Orange Popovers


Spicy Salmon Sushi Bites

Spicy Salmon Sushi Bites // shutterbean

When I posted the Avocado Sushi Bites, I got a couple of suggestions to add smoked salmon to the mix. WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA! So, here it is! We double up on roasted seaweed sheets, add a slice or two of smoked salmon on top with a little bit of green onions and sriracha. Next time  I make myself this delicious snack, I’m going to put avocado on top (I was out!!). These would be fantastic appetizers at your next party or a little afternoon pick-me-up to tide you over til dinner.

Lemon Icebox Cupcakes

Lemon Icebox Cupcakes // shutterbean

I had goldfish crackers for dinner Monday night. Please don’t imagine me with a small ramekin of fishy crackers because I was definitely not eating them one by one in some a dainty feminine fashion. The reality is that I stood in my kitchen making a snack for Cooper and my giant man hands forced them into my mouth by the handful.  And then like 15 minutes later Cooper was all, “MOM!! I’M STARVING!!” forcing me to wake up from my cracker binge coma.  All this to say that I don’t have the energy to do much cooking/baking in the Summer.  Sometimes I can’t be bothered turning on the stove or oven. Sometimes we have goldfish for dinner (with apples and red peppers) and if Casey’s away, it’s always cereal. We’re all just trying to keep it real, aren’t we?

Lemon Icebox Cupcakes // shutterbean

I made these little beauties for my family on Father’s Day because the last thing I wanted to do was turn the oven on and bake a cake. They are absolutely NO FUSS. I’m sure you could add a little more work for yourself if you make your own lemon wafer cookies and lemon curd, but then you’d have to turn on the oven and your stove. Not advised when the temperature is pushing 90F.  I compiled ingredients at Trader Joe’s the morning of our party like it was no big deal. Because it wasn’t.

Lemon Icebox Cupcakes // shutterbean

Can I tell you the ONE drawback to serving these?? People were too shy to eat more than one. I think because they’re in individual cupcake wrappers, people assume that having two would be equivalent to having 2 cupcakes.  If I had made an entire cake of them, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have had any leftovers.  Since I didn’t want to have any leftover (I can’t be trusted with these in my fridge!)   I dug into a few and made people “split” another cupcake with me. Safety in numbers, folks.  Make your life easier this summer and make these. Also, if you don’t want to eat goldfish crackers by the fistful, don’t be a dummy (like me) and buy a case at Costco. I would be in serious trouble if I bought Cheez-Its…

Peaches Roasted in Amaretto

Roasted Peaches in Amaretto // shutterbean

I often fantasize about writing a post that’s just photos. No words. Photos only.


Roasted Peaches in Amaretto // shutterbean

Because sometimes a recipe is sooooo dang good, it needs none.

But, here I am writing…so I guess it didn’t happen.

One day. Just wait.

Roasted Peaches in Amaretto // shutterbean

I haven’t been this excited about roasted fruit since my ROASTED STRAWBERRY obsession. Amaretto and peaches??? I mean…