I love lists, Friday!


  1. The rubber band parenting method. I'd like to try it.
  2. It would be fun to do this project in my home.
  3. I'd love to see how she does Gwen Stefani. Next time!
  4. 15 things that Emotionally Strong People DON'T DO.
  5. These cinemagraphs are trippy.
  6. The only reason why I'd go camping (it's for the food!)
  7. How Should I Teach My Kids About Money?
  8. A perfectly symmetrical Wes Anderson supercut.
  9. The Power of a Gimmick Free Gaga (her performance was unreal!)
  10. Have you done the 23andme? I've been contemplating buying a kit.  Because I love data.
  11. I totally had a crush on JC Chasez when he was in the Mickey Mouse Club. 
  12. Loved watching this!
  13. 34 Truths.
  14. Ages 1-100
  15. I want a camper!
  16. Guide to life by Claire Underwood. I'm excited for the next season of House of Cards!
  17. I finally finished What I Know For Sure this week and LOVED IT. Gonna read it again.
  18. What it's like to be trapped inside your own head. Whoa. This really resonated with me.
  19. Hooray for makeup charts!
  20. San Francisco Commandments (hilarious/true)
  21. This makes me miss working in the darkroom.

Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Roll-ups

Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Roll Ups // shutterbean

When I was a kid I spent a few years with these twins named Jenae & Jennifer. Their grandma used to pack their lunches and the two of them had cinnamon sugar tortillas almost every day. Took me awhile to weasel my way into getting them to share one with me and from then on I was hooked. I remember coming home from school and trying my hardest to recreate them. Master of the microwave, I was not. They always ended up crunchy because I didn't know you could microwave something for less than a minute.

This snack is now a part of Cooper's childhood. Sometimes he has it for breakfast and sometimes as an afternoon snack for school. If our tortillas aren't pliable I pop them in the microwave for like 8 seconds to soften them up. I spread salted butter evenly on top and sprinkle cinnamon sugar lightly over the butter, followed by an extra dash of cinnamon. Then I roll them up like little cigars and cut them up. I find that cutting  them into little bite sized rolls makes me think I'm eating mini cinnamon rolls...they're doughy and delicious.

Cream of Spinach Soup

There's almost TWO pounds of fresh spinach in the Creamy Spinach Soup. Check out more on Shutterbean!

I found out recently, after almost 9 years of marriage, that my husband doesn't really get excited over soup. WHAT?  I feel like we should have talked about this in our marriage prep class.  That doesn't stop me from making it...and making him eat it.

Cream of Spinach Soup // shutterbean

I've been on a soup kick lately and he's been along for the ride. First with the Sidekick Tomato Soup and now with this Cream of Spinach Soup! Really, I think I just want a good excuse to eat croutons...Which he's not super into and that's fine because it means more for Cooper and I (we both have the crouton loving/crust on pizza is the best part gene).

Next up, I think I'm going to make a batch of Pasta Fagioli. The cold weather practically BEGS for it.

Cream of Spinach Soup // shutterbean

Even though this recipe has cream and butter in it, I feel like it's gotta be good for you. LOOK AT THAT GREEN COLOR. With almost TWO POUNDS of spinach packed in, it's practically a salad. A creamy dreamy warm salad/soup...with croutons :)

And I Quote:

LIFE'S A BEACH!  --shutterbean

Sometimes you will never know // shutterbean

Doubt kills more dreams // shutterbean

KEEP GOING // shutterbean

I CAN/ I WILL -- shutterbean

My Everyday Life: Week 8

Here's what this past week looked like:

Family day date up north. We hung out at Lynmar Estates- one of our favorite places!

My Everyday Life: Week 8


My Everyday Life: Week 8

Such a beautiful day.

My Everyday Life: Week 8

This is the pose he chose.

My Everyday Life: Week 8

Walking across the bridge.

My Everyday Life: Week 8

Teaching him about light & shadows.

My Everyday Life: Week 8

We had fun throwing rocks at the numbers. The bird was obviously gone when we did it.

My Everyday Life: Week 8

I love lists, Friday!


  1.  Twelve women who had the perfect response to sexist questions
  2. On the importance of drawing
  3. Dripping paint IS mesmerizing!
  4. I need this print.
  5. These burritos look amazing.
  6. Favorite back of the package recipes (we always use the pumpkin pie one!)
  7. The Burden of Being Flawless
  8. A kitchen that hasn't been touched in 50 years.
  9. If you don't wanna see how many calories you eat at Chipotle, don't click on this.
  10. Oh gosh...guys can be so silly.
  11. School lunches from around the world.
  12. If I made this Stacked Eggplant Parmesan, I wouldn't share!
  13. I wonder what the fashion of Mad Men's last season reveal....
  14. What a pretty organized pantry!
  15. The origins of my favorite SNL digital short.
  16. Niagara Falls is frozen and it's damn beautiful!   Baby, it's cold outside!
  17. Molly makes the best cakes. Dang girl, DANG.
  18. We've been thoroughly enjoying The Book with No Pictures at my house.
  19. I've been really into the new Beck album this month.  #totallyrelaxing
  20. Who doesn't love a good Oscar Themed Menu?
  21. World's largest animated gif. THIS IS SO RAD.


Chocolate Dipped Bananas with Smoked Almonds

Chocolate Dipped Bananas with Smoked Almonds // shutterbean

The other day I had some leftover melted chocolate (such an awful problem to have!) so I cut up some bananas, poked a few striped straws through them and dipped them in the chocolate. I didn't have any peanuts so I chopped up smoked almonds. I ate one on the spot and the froze the rest. ALL INCREDIBLE! Salty sweet smokey goodness. The dangerous part is that you can create this snack in less than a minute if you've got a microwave at your disposal...which means you could totally make this at work. ;)

To see more of my Thursday Snack Ideas, follow my Pinterest Board!

HS: Creating a Purse Organizing System

Feel like you can never keep your purse organized? This post is for YOU! Check out a new way of thinking about organizing your purses so you don't have to waste time organizing your stuff. More on shutterbean.com!

One of the words I'm focusing on in 2015 is foundation. I've been really trying to evaluate what's helpful in my life and what's not. This book has really inspired me and it started me down the road of weeding out things I don't want/need. I used to have a purse compulsion. Oh gosh, I don't even want to think of how many purses I've bought in my lifetime!  I'm definitely a sucker for a well organized bag but the problem is that I have different needs at different times. It's taken me a long time to figure that out!  I would have a system going in one bag and when I went to move things over, I came up with so many different organizing systems that I could never keep anything organized.  I also had repeat items in each bag because it was such a pain in the butt to not have what I needed when I needed it.  The key to it all is having a place for everything and sticking to it. Creating more ways to organize and changing my system constantly is what prevents me from ultimately being organized so I decided to create my FOUNDATION.  Here we go!