My Everyday Life: Week 27

Here’s what this past week looked like:

My hair is getting long. I kinda want to cut it super short.

Breakfast Burrits.

Rock & Roll at breakfast time.

Breakfast aftermath. I finished Cooper’s smoothie. He had no idea there was rainbow chard in it.

Saturday lunch time. I put smoked trout in our salad & tamari sunflower seeds.

Pretty blue sky.

We spent 4th of July at my parent’s house in San Francisco.

My friend Eileen has awesome shoes.

4th of July collaboration!

Roof top dance party! Cooper and my mom are going for it.

I made my Coconut Cake with Berries & Cream for the holiday. It was a hit, naturally.

This is the view when we got there.

Waiting for it to get dark for fireworks…

Almost there…and the fog is rolling in.

And to the right a little, there we go!

It was our first 4th of July in SF. We usually spend it in Redwood City or Napa.

We had a blast. Soooo many hours spent dancing with my niece, Camden to the Katy Perry station on Pandora.

Knife cleaning/sharpening day!

Preparing for the week.

Making ice Americanos directly in jars.

A moment to myself.

Oh! We got fish this week. Names still undecided. Stay tuned.

I made Sticky Balsamic Ribs on a Sunday night.

Avocado toast or die.

Pretty pretty lavender in our front yard.

  • Amy

    As a fellow short-haired girl (who is attempting the grow-out!) I totally understand the temptation.

    Your photos always make me so happy!

  • Tempa

    Hi Tracy! Beautiful photographs – as always! Looks like a great week. 🙂 What kind of bread do you use for your toast? Do you get it at TJs? or WF? I need to find a good go-to bread so I can toast it up and smash too much avocado on it..

    • Tracy

      tjs!!! It’s a big loaf that you cut into. I think it’s a half loaf. We love it!!!

  • Kassie

    Avocado toast aka one the best things about living in California.

  • Kate @ eatrecyclerepeat

    I love all the jars, and I’m totally jealous of your rooftop dance party/fireworks watching situation.

  • Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    Cut it short…gotta get it gotta get it. Boom!

  • Emily

    I so started putting avocados on toast because of you. Makes me feel like a Californian.

  • Laura

    loveliest photo dairy.
    love ’em so much!

  • JulieGoesHealthy

    I love that your family eats breakfast together!

    My birthday is coming up (Monday!) and I want to make that coconut cake!

    • Tracy

      It’s so important to eat together. We try to do it as much as possible. Happy birthday to you. Make that cake!

  • Hilary

    I cut my hair super short a few months back and I have to say, I may never go back to long hair again! Just so darn easy and fun.

    LOVE your polka dotted plates! Dots are my weakness.

    • Tracy

      I love having short hair too. It’s never going to be super long. It’s nice to be able to put it in a small ponytail but I think the novelty is about to wear off!

  • Maria

    Hi Tracy, been reading your blog for a while now….love it! Was curious if you could expand what you do for “getting ready for the week?” I’m a busy mom and caregiver to my mom, so getting ideas and tips from other busy moms always helps! Thanks.

  • Lucia

    Lavender waves in the wind. Lovely.

  • lynn @ the actor's diet

    impressive fireworks shots! those are hard to capture (for me, anyways)

  • Jane M

    The berries this summer are insanely yummy! I can’t keep them in the house. They disappear! I also REALLY enjoy baking with them. Happy 2nd 1/2 of 2012!

  • Erica

    What a beautiful week, Tracy! I am totes trying those ribs this week – with strawberry infused gin on the side!

  • perber

    beautiful pics! my friend just sent me a link to your onion jam that looks delicious!! that 4th of july cake looks yummy.

  • Shawna Greenway

    So envious of that 4th of July view. We can normally see the fireworks from the porch of our East Bay house but it was so darn foggy that all we could do is listen to them. It’s really not as much fun, kinda creepy.

  • Elise Martinez

    Great photos in this post. I hope to have a rooftop Fourth of july celebration one day 😉 I gotta make those ribs!

  • Mandy

    I need to sharpen my knives. I really do. I’m intimidated and don’t have the proper tools. A little tutorial perhaps? xo

  • Kristy

    This made me miss spending the 4th in San Francisco. Making the sticky balsamic ribs tonight and, my word, does my house smell amazing right now!

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