September 27, 2013

I love lists, Friday!


  1. If Cooper had a lisp, I’d probably do this.
  2. I tweeted “This is me on Bourbon.”  And it’s totally true.
  3. Orange is the New Black- CAT VERSION!!!! 
  4. The internet exploded with this clip from Louis C.K.  I love him.
  5. I really love seeing how people store their spirits. 
  6. This is just the sweetest video.
  7. #hashtag  #omg #justintimberlake #youhavetoseethis
  8. The ways Dexter went wrong…so true.
  9. Ever wonder how I would accept an Emmy? This would be my speech.
  10. You had me at World’s EASIEST Cinnamon Rolls.
  11. BatDad. Nuff said.
  12. Oh…if I was a teacher, I’m pretty sure I’d pull stunts like this.
  13. Gaby is my snack spirit animal. 
  14. This Photographer is a High Class Hoarder. This pleases me greatly.
  15. I love Andrea’s view of Summer. See why foot shots are sooooo good?
  16. Currently listening to Dad is Fat on my commute. SO FUNNY! I’m almost finished Rob Lowe’s Book too!


NEW PODCAST ALERT!!! We talk about Connecting! Good ice breakers…couple’s costumes…obgyn jokes.  Saying I LOVE YOU FIRST. Should you do it?


Bake Good was inspired by my Raisin Focaccia 

Pale Yellow turned my Fig Prosciutto Panini into a salad.

Cooking Madly adapted my Fig Prosciutto Panini too!

Little Bits Of  adapted my Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake

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