My Everyday Life Week 18

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 18 on Shutterbean

Exciting news! I finally cleaned out my fridge!!!

This is what my mental state was looking like. I am glad I allocated time to do this clean out this week. It made me feel so much better. 

Husband loves radishes.

Before I painted Buddha gold.

Meal prep turned into a snack dinner.

You can see my Essential Meal Prep Tools here.

Hotlinks from the freezer. Kale to use up. Quarantine is activating my creative brain.

My Whirley pop is getting used a lot.

I like popcorn snacks between lunch and dinner.

My dough slashing skills are improving on my loaves!

Thank you for suggesting I add cherry preserves into my life, Andrea.

He is bigger than Ella now.

A different angle.

All of this =DONE except mulch and rocks.

Toe beans. 

Made this little setup this week.

Victory garden is growing.

I love seeing him nurture him.

Writing a thank you to his teacher.

He likes bags best.

Social distancing on a hill with brothers.


Morning light.

Thank you for the bath bomb, Caley.

It really helped my back.  

My chiropractor has an amazing bougainvillea bush outside her office.

Art assignment at school.

Taking care of myself…while my family eats something else.

Walter & Neiley visit!

One cat really doesn’t belong here. I also watered that plant. Don’t worry.

Sciatica is dumb.

Shipping out pep talk packs from my Esty shop.

One of my favorite names to write.

Magic out in the world!

Husband’s ice cubes.

Strawberries were on sale. Cutting them up and freezing them is cheaper than buying them frozen.

Back in its place.

We worked on a couple of cocktails this week.

Friday night Jet Pilot.

Saturday Mint Julep.

Cooper wanted waffles, so he made some.

Working in April in my currently workbook!

The ladies take over the bed during the day.


May is all about produce!


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  • Jessica R.

    The Buddha is absolutely beautiful! I love the change you made. And the rocks below look like they are glowing. I hope it brings you great peace.
    Daily stretching and rolling for that back pain! I totally commiserate (mine is upper spinal and shoulder blade, but back pain nonetheless) because it is so debilitating. Listening to your body is incredibly important.
    Sending you healing energy!

  • Teresa

    I love seeing your everyday life photography. Do you use your camera or smartphone for this

  • Ronny

    Hi, how does your husband get his balls so clear ? 🙂

  • Kayce

    I have been dreaming about that rice bowl ever since you posted it so I’m making my own version of it today with what I’ve got lying around. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jay

    Your house is so intriguing and beautiful to me! Have you considered doing a virtual tour?!

  • Coco

    I wish we have your garden. 🙂

  • andrea


  • Sina

    Wow, that before-and-after pictures of your fridge… I should finally carve out the time to clean out my fridge too. The connection to my mental state is worrisome.

    Hope your back is better by now 🙂
    Thanks for all the inspiration and beautiful pictures!

  • Molly

    Hi – I’m wondering about that mat you have in the bottom of your organized fridge. What is it? Is it just for fun or does it have a function? Also I like the glass bowls and pitchers. Where can we find them?

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