September 4, 2014


Sunflower Seed Butter + Pretzels // shutterbean

Let’s talk a little bit about resisting temptation, shall we?

Have you ever had the peanut-butter stuffed pretzels from Trader Joe’s? I’m quite fond of them. I won’t even allow myself to try the chocolate covered version because I know I won’t be able to STOP. I’ve had a bag of the salted peanut butter filled pretzels in my pantry for a few months. It tempts me EVERY TIME I open the pantry. I swear it’s just waiting for my moment of weakness. It’s saying “Tracy, have a bourbon drink! You’re gonna love us with some!” Those pretzels know that bourbon makes a good catalyst.

My biggest challenge is having a full bag of something/ANYTHING around.  Let’s be real….I will eat more of whatever it is than I should. I will portion some out and then go back for “just one more,” until it’s done.  With that said, I’ve found that if I put a snack on a plate and portion it out, then put everything away before I start eating, I’m in much better shape. I’ve also found that I really love sunflower seed butter but can’t eat a ton of it like I can with peanut butter. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s super rich? Anyways. I sandwiched sunflower seed butter between two pretzels, made three sandwiches and ate three and that was that!

This is how I counteract eating a bag of peanut butter filled pretzels.

  • Maryea {happy healthy mama}

    Peanut butter stuffed pretzels are a total weakness of mine! I usually just don’t buy them, but every once in a while I succumb and my whole family goes crazy for them.

  • Awks Irish Girl

    You always have the cutest simple snack ideas, love this!
    I totally find the same thing with sunflower butter, I think it’s more dense or something? I love it though it’s so hard to find here in Ireland!

  • Beth

    We don’t have a Traders Joe’s in Canada and I want one so bad! I’ve heard you talk about these pretzel bites before on the podcast, and a few other amazing sounds things, I’d love to get my hands, and mouth on them someday! Goals! I have very lofty goals in life…. 🙂

  • Rose

    Wait, there are chocolate covered peanut butter stuffed pretzels at TJs? My world has just been enlarged.

  • Laura

    I love Tracy-math!

  • tara

    I’ve never had them, but they sound amazing. I love sweet and salty and pretty much pretzels covered in anything are my weakness. Also, those frosted animal crackers. Seriously, I could eat a whole bin of those.

    Can’t wait to try these!

  • Millie l Add A Little

    I can totally relate to eating a whole bag of ANYTHING. gahd, its so bad! These look great though!

  • Hilary

    Oh gosh. I had one of the chocolate covered ones yesterday. I can’t even.
    These little sammies look amazing

  • Maggie

    Sunflower seed butter!! Why have I not tried it before??!! I even walked right by it at Trader Joe’s yesterday and just thought, “ooo, I love sunflower seeds.” I just needed that little push from you, I guess?? I am looking forward to it! Don’t worry, most of the human population is with you on the portion-control thing! I always try to think to myself, “This is NOT the last time you get to have this. Just cool it.”

  • Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life

    Chocolate covered peanut butter stuffed pretzels!! Why haven’t these made their way to our shores! I mean, my skinny jeans are thankful but my tastebuds are in mourning 🙁
    I will have to hunt down some sunflower seed butter and give it a try with some GF pretzels.
    Also, my peanut butter spreading guilty pleasure? Take one piece of Salted Dark Chocolate (Lindt is my pick) spread over a small amount (or large, depending on the day) of maple-spice peanut butter (my latest indulgence). Lock yourself in a small quiet place and bliss out for the amount of time it take you to slowly nibble your way through the square.

  • Ella

    My problem is bags of granola (especially homemade). I can.not.stop!

  • Todd Wagner

    Thanks to this post I bought a bag of peanut butter stuffed pretzels and a jar of sunflower seed butter today…just sayin.

  • Jamie

    I love the sunflower butter cold, especially spread on apple slices with a few M&Ms on top when I’m feeling particularly needy. Also – melt a dozen chocolate chips and drizzle these sammies!!

  • Hilary

    I do this with cookie butter when I remember it’s in the cupboard! Eeep.

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