December 3, 2015

Fairy Toast

Fairy Toast made with makeshift cream cheese frosting. Find it on Shutterbean.com!

Sometimes you want cake but you don’t have any. Sometimes you fantasize about driving to the store to buy a single slice of cake but then you find yourself unmotivated to do so….so you sit on your couch imagining all of the things you could eat instead of cake, but then you figure out you just need fairy toast. Fairy toast /bread is usually sweetened butter smeared on toast and hit up with a heavy dose of sprinkles. I took that idea and ran with it. I mixed a little powdered sugar in with cream cheese to make something very close to cream cheese frosting. I spread it on toast and topped it with sprinkles. Cake craving satisfied. I really should keep an extra slice of cake in the freezer….

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  • Drumles Den Haag

    Great for kids! (and grown ups too 😉
    Just be creative like you!

  • Jenna

    Yum! Fairy bread is pretty common in New Zealand, where I am from (and Australia where I live now), minus the sweetner in the butter, but my mother would never let me eat it (i.e. Since it’s essentially white bread + fat + sugar, three things she scorned). I have to say that your version sounds much more appetising to me as an adult! Trying it for dessert tonight!

  • Beth

    I feel like you are my food spirit animal! I’m so happy with this snack idea, and so happy that I’m not the only person that sits around wanting cake but not wanting to actually go get it, or make it, you’re a genius!

    • Tracy

      hahahaaa! I usually crave cake when I’m already in my loungewear….so it’s problematic leaving the house!

  • Gaby Dalkin

    this is so incredibly fun. anytime sprinkles can be part of my daily snacks is a win

  • Natalya Seabrooke

    Ideal for those lazy days! Saves time, looks and tastes great! Thank you for the inspiration!

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