November 30, 2016

Currently: November 2016


Currently: November 2016. 

Currently the last day of November!

For some reason the way I am sitting is making it hard for me to type.

Hold please. Ok, we are good.


Did you realize that there’s a NO in November?

Is there anything you said NO to this month?

I definitely didn’t say NO to Thanksgiving carbs.

Whole30? What Whole30??! 

I ate so much during the Thanksgiving break that my body was like SALAAAAAAAD NOW PLEAAAAAAAAAASE. I had my mom’s green salad  a few times this week but without avocados cuz they’re all so bad right now. I haven’t had a good avocado in months.  The other day I was at the grocery store trying to find an avocado that wasn’t wickedly overripe. They all were so mushy on the inside. YOU KNOW THAT CAN’T TASTE GOOD.  I looked at the sign and was like 2 for $1???  Please. They should be free.  So yeah, I’m back into eating green things. Just not avocado. Gonna put this reset button salad back in the rotation soon! There’s also a national avocado shortage, right??! 

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Inspired by: 

My yoga classes. I’ve been taking a couple yoga classes weekly since the beginning of November. I really hope that I can keep this routine since it helps me get my bearings in the day. It’s great for stress relief and I’m hoping that I’ll find a good tribe through the process.


Casey was gone for a whole week this month and I was in Jamaica so we didn’t see each other a lot 🙁  While he was away, I started watching the show- Casual on Hulu. I really like the writing and the characters intrigue me. My brother is one of my best friends so it’s neat to see the brother/sister dynamic on screen. I think the daughter looks way too old to be in high school and that bugs me but other than that, I’m into it.

We finished the second season of Red Oaks  on Amazon this week. Casey was super excited to see that the new season was out, so we had ourselves a nice little binge. It’s one of his favorite shows. It kinda reminds me of Caddyshack but way less goofy. I love the 80s vibe…but sometimes I get distracted by Jennifer Grey’s character. They make her look way too cute to be an 80s mom. Makes me want to watch Dirty Dancing and see what her old nose used to look like.

Started Search Party last night! We are two episodes in. Her friends bug me but I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Alia Shawkat. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops. It really makes me miss Bored to Death (another one of my favorites).


Been reading this book that I found the communal bookstore in Bolinas called Active Dreaming.  I should say the book found me. Books have a way of popping out at me….I think the lion on the cover spoke to me first.  I’ve had a bunch of things happen recently…signs…synchronicity…really weird coincidences. The book talks about signs and how they’re part of active dreaming…and how we dream while awake.   It’s just the right amount of woo-woo for me (thus far).

Also, I’ve been doing some research/reading on Mother Teresa right now. Picked this book up at the bookstore the other day and have been reading it off & on. I remember being really fascinated by her when I was a kid, so reading about her as an adult has been really interesting.

I have this on the wall of my workspace:

Currently November 2016 on Shutterbean.com

Thinking About:

The holidays. This is the last day of November and then WOOOOOP! It’s December. Christmas stuff kicks into full gear. We have our tree up, but there are no ornaments or decorations are on it.  I found out that I am not hosting Christmas this year. It makes me kinda bummed that we’re not gonna be sitting around the tree at my house, so I suppose I’m not super motivated to decorate it right now. I also have to order my holiday cards and I’m behind on that. Is this the year we don’t do cards? I can’t break an 8 year streak can I?? Don’t worry. I’ll power through.

Listening to:  

Missy Elliot. My instructor in dance class (also another thing I tried this month!!) played this song this week and we did this arm/shoulder/fist pump/squat/booty shake move and I WAS IN THE ZONE.

Cooper and I have been listening to the Stranger Things Original Music soundtrack on the way to school. Sometimes it’s super creepy. We’ve been discussing sound design (did you know I used to work in a recording studio in my 20s?!) and how you can play with emotions through sounds.

I love our conversations in the car. They’re the best.

I’ve already started listening to my Christmas Playlist.  It gives me life.

Dream Life:

Takes place mostly in Oregon and sometimes in upstate New York? There’s still a summer camp/hotel vibe to my dreams. Did you know that I want to organize a Summer camp (for adults) one day? That’s one of my dreams. That’s where that book comes into play….cuz I literally have been dreaming about camp life for the past year and a half.


We finished the Thanksgiving leftovers. HOORAY! I’ve been on a salami sandwich kick for the past week. It goes something like this:

  • toasted sourdough bread
  • salami
  • yellow mustard
  • dill sauerkraut
  • potato chips
  • lettuce

Maybe I just really want a hot dog.


La Croix– Passionfruit is my new jam. Have you had that one? What are you favorite flavors? I’m mostly a Lime and Grapefruit kinda gal. Honestly though, I’m not drinking enough water. Gotta do something about that. Especially during this DRYYYYYYYY time of year.

How are you? What’s up with you??!!

You know the drill. 

Type your stream of consciousness in the comments below!!

  • Chloe

    Hiiii Tracy, all the way from the Highlands of Scotland. Your blog is my favourite of all the blogs, and these streams of conscious are my favourite of all the posts. I’ve never written a comment on a blog before but for some reason I feel inspired to say hiiii and thank you. Your posts brighten up my days. I love your everyday life posts too. You write so well, and I love your pictures. Sometimes I feel a little envious. My life is a bit mundane at the moment, I work a LOT and I recently moved and don’t like the area I live in. I can’t change that at the moment but there are lots of other things I could change so I need to quit moaning and SORT MY SHIT. I’ll do that, I’m going on holiday to Africa at Christmas so I’m going to use my time off to do lots of thinking and some planning and make 2017 a BETTER YEAR. It’s cold outside – I had to scrape my car this morning. I better go and do some work.

    That really was a stream of consciousness. Blah blah blah. Have a great day!

    • Tracy

      Wow! I have always wondered what it’s like to live in the snow. Thanks for your kind note! I am sure your life is wonderful. You just have to make a point to celebrate all the little things that make you happy.

      What are you going to do in Africa? I’d want to see giraffes & lions.

      • Chloe

        Thank you for replying! It’s not actually very snowy here – only on the tops of the mountains! We probably average about a week or two of snow each year at sea-level. But it has been cold and icy for the last couple of weeks.
        Mainly, I’m going to sit on the beach, drink cold beers and enjoy the winter sunshine (guaranteed 30 degrees, huzzah) and read a lot while my partner fishes. There are loads of monkeys and crocs and birdlife around but no big game, sadly (it’s Gambia). I love seeing the monkeys everywhere though! It’s also fascinating just strolling around the markets and streets seeing the vibrant African life. I can’t wait!
        You’re right, my life is good really and I’m lucky in so many ways. I was just being a whinger yesterday! Celebrating all the little things is what makes a happy life. I need to remember that. Thanks, Tracy!

  • Rachael

    Hi. I totally get you with the avocados, I haven’t had a good one in months either and they seem to go all stringy when I try to make guacamole and I just really can’t deal with that! Also, Missy Elliot is the BEST!

    Rachael xx.


  • Carly

    I had the EXACT same thought about Christmas cards this morning. Late to the game this year (usually addressed by mid-November and waiting for December 1 to mail) and contemplating not doing them, but also can’t break tradition. Because tradition.

    • Tracy

      But then again some of my traditions are not happening anymore so like….could we sorta not do that tradition? (the answer is still no although I flirt with it every year).

  • Scarlett

    I am apparently very out of the loop and thought “Red Oaks Casual Search Party” was the name of a show you were watching……..

  • Ida

    Cran-Raspberry and the Blackberry Cucumber are my go-to La Croix flavors. Splash a bit of gin with the Blackberry Cucumber one *slurp*.

    How did November fly by?! I am not ready for December.

    Listening to The Weeknd’s newest. Jams all day. Now I need to listen to some Michael Jackson.

    Need to make your reset Salad too, I have been carbing it up for like two weeks and I can feel the toll it’s taking on me. Sluggish, not sleeping well, cranky, time to change that.

    It’s a little time commitment but making your own holiday cards with some colored cards, washi tape and metallic pens is simple and homey and easy to do. Sunday afternoon activity!

    Thank you for sharing your conscience stream. Til next time…

    • Tracy

      I’ve never tried the cran-raspberry! The blackberry cucumber wasn’t my fave. Not sure why.

      i like the assembly line aspect of the cards. there’s something so awesome about a stack of cards waiting to go out!

  • Maureen

    Please sign me up for the adult summer camp when you create it 🙂 That would be awesome!

  • Lisa

    Listening to… white noise apps while at work. Been helpful in centering me and helping me tune out the LOUD TALKERS.

    Feeling… like cyber Monday threw me for a loop. This year in particular geting 20+ emails about buying STUFF was really disconnecting for me. My partner and I are doing a costco run and donating to local shelters for some of our ‘gift giving quota’.

    Eating… some good, some bad. Canadian thanksgiving is in October, so I’m glad not to be battling leftovers on top on my winter (read: enough for a hibernating bear) portions.

    Dreaming… of this time next year. Goals set in motion. Hopefully by next year they will have come to fruition.

    Wishing… I hadn’t watched the last episode last night. #yawn

    • Tracy

      Curious about the white noise apps! I listen to music…sometimes the music gets on my nerves though. i wonder if i would do better with white noise. something to try!

      i love your idea of a costco run. What kinds of things do you pick out for local shelters?

  • dana828

    I love these stream-of-consciousness posts!

    How is it December tomorrow?! We survived Thanksgiving with my dad visiting. My teenagers made most of the meal, so it was pretty much my favorite meal ever because I had to do so little! Had to go out on Black Friday to get a new tree, because my beautiful white tree yellowed over the past two years and looked like it had been peed on…so… yeah.

    Looking forward to: our first non-traditional Christmas! We’ll be heading to Florida to spread my mother-in-laws ashes in the Gulf, so as a side trip my husband and I are taking the kids to Universal Studios before meeting up with the rest of his family. Spending Christmas Eve and Day at Universal Harry Potter sounds pretty awesome (but holy crap the crowds)! It’s also pretty sweet to NOT have to buy gifts this year.

    Eating: all the soups. It’s been unseasonably warm here in Iowa so far (we even had patio beers just two weeks ago! Patio beers. In November!). But winter is about here, so it’s soup time. I’m also thinking chicken pot pie needs to happen this weekend.

    Listening to: Amos Lee on repeat. We saw him in concert last month in Minneapolis and I’m still obsessed. Also, trying to get into the groove of Green Day, since my kids insisted on getting tickets to see them in concert this coming Spring. I’m old enough to know all their old stuff, but was never a big fan. Unfortunately they inherited their father’s musical taste :/

    Reading: A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. Fantastic. Also, listening to the Audible version of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. It’s pretty much preaching to the choir, because at this age I don’t have too many f*cks left to give, but I think it’ll be great for my kids to listen to in a few years. Wish someone had written a book like this sooner!

    Drinking: Coconut or grapefruit LaCroix. Can’t really get into the Passionfruit flavor. Also, drinking all the rye old fashioneds made with an autumn simple syrup.

    Planning: Funny you mention Oregon as your dream life. I’m in the midst of planning our summer vacation to Oregon! Portland, the coast, possibly Bend, and the Columbia River Gorge. It’s been on my list for years, and I’m super stoked to finally get there! Can. Not. Wait.

    • Megan@Cozy Eats

      As an Oregonian, go to Bend and try to make the trip to Crater Lake (it’s gorgeous). Salt and Straw in Portland is worth the wait, it’s my favorite place to get ice cream. Oregon is beautiful, you will love it! If you are into hiking, Tamolitch Pool is so pretty and is a pretty easy hike too.

    • Tracy

      That’s so weird! I was listening to Green Day with Cooper yesterday. My oldest brother took me and my friend to a show….we were underage. It was pretty awesome.

      Amos Lee always pops up on my pandora. He’s a crazy/talented singer.

      I can’t get into coconut la croix!!! I think my brain doesn’t compute having coconut in sparkling water. Kinda feels like someone dropped a little sunscreen on my drink!



      oh and i have to check out that audible version of not giving AF. YES.

  • Briel K.

    I don’t comment much but I just wanted to say that for whatever reason I really enjoy these “Currently” posts! 🙂

  • Caitlyn @ Candid Cerebrations

    Oh boy, how is November over already?! I feel like I’m a weirdo but I really only like flavorless seltzer except the maybe occasional vanilla and that’s super occasional (like <3x/year). I love yoga and this post reminds me I need to get back into that routine. You're so right that it's a great stress relief and I need that now that finals are coming up. The only thing I am planning is to get a couple days of sleeping in come winter break. #gradschoollife

    • Tracy

      i need sleep (so badly!!!!) too. Let’s hope we can carve out some sleep time soon! xox

  • Sasha

    Reading: You’ve inspired me to try Whole3o so I’ve been reading, It Starts With Food, by Dallas Hartwig. I think I can do it! I’ve started to slowly make changes already so its not a shock when I officially start. The big problem for me is that lately I’ve been turned off by meat and since we can’t eat beans for protein on whole30, I’m a little worried about that. I can’t eat eggs for most of my meals, I know I’ll get bored 🙁

    Watching: We’ve been watching Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton on Amazon and I’m hooked. I’m really enjoying it. The first episode is kinda slow but it picks up in the second and it just gets better.

    Feeling: My mind and body is craving the outdoors. We’ve been trying to get outside for hikes and riding our bikes on sundays. I’ve been wanting to go snowshoeing, and I hope this year we’ll be able to do that in Yosemite or Tahoe, but snow chains scare me for some reason! I’ve never had to use them before and they seem daunting.

    Planning: Going skating at Union Square or the Embarcadero. I know it will be busy and probably crappy, but being from the east coast, it doesn’t feel like Xmas without any snow so ice skating will have to do.

    • Tracy

      I want to go to Yosemite so bad!

      I haven’t been to the embarcadero for ice skating since i was in my 20s! i’m so terrified to skate now cuz i know i would fall and break something.

      the whole30 thing….just remember that it’s 30 days. You won’t have to eat like that FOREVER if you don’t want to. You can do it!!

  • Ronni

    Watching: I’ve been telling everyone I know to watch Fleabag, Chewing Gum and Lovesick. They’re all half-hour British show on Amazon and Netflix. They are so good!

    Drinking: I made a lot of shrubs this summer (plum, peach and blackberry) and I’ve been drinking them with plan fizzy water.

    Eating: I’ve been having the hardest time with breakfast during the week. I don’t want any of the traditional things – they take too much effort – so I’ve mostly just been eating leftovers for breakfast. This morning I had leftover cauliflower soup. I think I need to start making Molly’s (Orangette) olive oil granola again.

    Thinking about: Social media – especially Facebook and Twitter. It’s been a … strange month and I’m finding it very difficult to tune out all the voices. So I’ve basically just shut down and have been off Facebook and Twitter. I only read articles from trusted news sources now – not clickbait articles. That helps. A little.

    • Tracy

      oh yeah! thank you for reminding me. i have a meyer lemon shrub in the fridge!

      i had leftover stuffing (cold) for breakfast the other day. it was gooooooood.

      and yes i feel you on the facebook/twitter thing. it’s so aggressive, isn’t it? i am really shocked at how some of the people in my online space have behaved online throughout the election. some of the things that people have said have felt so out of character that it makes me feel so confused and hurt…like i don’t know what to believe (in) anymore.

  • Rebeca

    – Freaking out a bit that it’s the last day of November.
    – Fighting a cold that has me feeling like crap. If I tell myself over and over again that I’m not sick it will totally work, right?
    – Eating butternut squash soup like it’s my job.
    – Drinking a lot of turmeric tea.
    – I feel like I’m really bad at dealing with partner’s families. Suck it up, Rebeca, suck it up.
    – I need to figure out my Secret Santa gift… Something to do with birds? Hmmm.
    – I really, REALLY wish we could take a mini vacation. I’m feling so burnt-out after these past months.

    • Tracy

      I really hope you feel better!

      do you have to be around your partner’s family often? if not, just remember that it’s a short blip of time.

      secret santa gift having to do with birds? is the person a bird enthusiast? #putabirdonit

      i want a mini vacation. actually, I just want my house to be organized!!!

      • Rebeca

        They have been around a lot lately because he had a major surgery a couple of months ago. So it’s completely understandable that they’ve been and I feel like a horrible person for “complaining” about it, but it’s hard for my introvert personality to come home and find 4 people who are trying to help but only add more stress, you know? Things have been more calm lately, though.

        Yes, my friend is kinda crazy about birds! I’m thinking of having a tote bag printed “Crazy Bird Lady” with a picture of two lovebirds (which she loves).

  • Megan

    -Watching: No shame..I’m sucked in deep to Vanderpump Rules new season. Sigh…
    -Eating: I’ve made just about every variation of banana bread and pumpkin bread already this season. It’s so multipurpose (breakfast..snack..dessert). Thinking of transitioning to peanut butter bread and gingerbread for the holidays.
    _Drinking: Lightening up on the booze for a while. Lots of iced coffee during the day and wine spritzers while I watch really good bad TV (see above).
    -Listening to: Lake Street Dive, JD McPherson. A ton of foodie and story-telling podcasts.
    -Dreaming: business ideas…I’m happily finally starting to hit my career-stride in life. I’m at a place where I want to work harder and smarter to make my company better. Am I an adult now?

    I’m also secretly one of those people that cannot wait for the holidays to be over. I’m tired of red and green, Christmas specials/commercials, and Xmas tunes by Dec 5th. January is so refreshing.

    Happy Wednesday!

    • Rebeca

      Re the holidays: I’m SO with you! It seems that Christmas stuff makes its appearance earlier every year and come December I’m so sick of it.

    • Tracy

      I’ve never watched that show but I was always intrigued by the commercials that were on during my RHWBV binges.

      mmmmm banana bread.

      mmmmmm pumpkin bread.

      mmmmm bread.

      what is peanut butter bread like?

      Sounds like you’re an adult now! I am currently finding ways to work smarter so I can put work into writing and it’s working out!!!! It’s all about putting the time in when you can.

      Red and green is my least favorite color combo.

      Why can’t everyone just do silver and gold? HAHA

  • Shawna

    Thanksgiving was fabulous! We had 16 people over to our tiny house and rented two 8 foot tables to fit everyone in. The tables literally ran from the back of the house to the front door so if you were late to dinner, too bad for you cuz you can’t get in! I made 16 servings of everything since I’m trying to reduce waste and STILL had half of the food leftover. And i didn’t even do apps this year, just salami and cream cheese rolls (it’s a thing in my husband’s family) and this Bourbon punch recipe from Small Victories. Man, I could drink that punch all day/every day. and then after dinner, we all sat by our outdoor fire pit and played Table Topics. It was really the perfect evening.

    Christmas! Did you know there’s a tree shortage in the Bay Area? Weird, right? We have to go get our tree this weekend which i was totally not prepared for but i’ve finished all the shopping already so I get to wrap this weekend, which just the thought of is making me do a happy dance in my office chair. It’s my favorite!! My least favorite part of Christmas is rearranging said tiny house in order to fit a giant tree and then having the cat knock over the tree at least once before December 25. Cats are a-holes but we love them anyway.

    OMG!!! This morning, I got tickets to Hamilton in SF in April!! I’m taking my 15 year old daughter and since it’s a weekday matinee (gotta take what we can get) we’re going to make a day of it and be fancy ladies and go to tea before. It’s fun having a daughter who loves going to tea as much as I do.

    • Tracy

      I have to try that bourbon punch!

      sounds like you rocked t-giving!! good job.

      I had no idea there was a shortage. we have a white tree….so….no real ones for us.

      i dont like how my house is rearranged right now myself. throws me off and then I HAVE TO FIND A PLACE FOR THINGS THAT HAVE NO PLACE.

      My mom used to take me to the ballet and the symphony when I was a kid. I LOVED IT.
      I especially loved when there was an intermission and my mom bought me a hot chocolate and candy.

  • DessertForTwo

    I am also super bummed about the avocado shortage, and I am also not drinking enough water. I am drinking constant hot toddies and turmeric lattes, though, so that counts, right?
    I really hope you follow through with the adult camp for kids. I know we’ve never met, but you would be the one person on the internet that if you hosted an event all about creativity/dreaming/living, I would sign up the same day. So, please do it! I feel like I’ve been slowly dying ever since I had a kid…I fight for my space, I fight for time to create things. It’s sad, and I shouldn’t say it out loud, but it’s how I feel. I love my baby more than anything, I just miss the alone time with myself. It’s weird. Sorry.

    love ya

    • Tracy

      Oh girl. I wish we could hang out and have hot toddies together!! Having a child makes alone time so much harder. You really have to fight for it and MAKE the time for yourself. I totally get it. oh man do i get it! xoxo

    • Sara

      Oh friend you aren’t alone. I feel similar. I was back after my baby turned 4 and in school and then twins. So back to the beginning again.

  • Megan

    Hi Tracy! Your dream life summer camp idea reminds me of when you and Joy had the HomeFries summer camp thing. I wanted to come so bad! Mostly now my dream day is staying with a few girlfriends in a fancy hotel room eating pizza, no husbands or babies allowed.
    I’ve been reading Tana French books, watching Grrys Anatomy on Netflix (only a few seasons in – in many years behind) while knitting Christmas presents, listening to the poorly named Mom Jeans playlist on GooglePlay, eating all the food in the house (11 weeks preg) but mostly craving schnitzel sandwiches from the local deli.
    I adore your ‘lifestyle-y’ posts!

    • Tracy

      I know! I really loved doing Homefries U! It was one of the best times. I’ve learned so much since then so I know that whatever I do next is gonna be full of intention, fun and GOOD TIMES. xoxoxoxo

  • Christa

    Also cannot believe tomorrow is December. wtf.

    Inspired by your yoga inspiration and am going to go home and do some.

    Wanting to eat lots less junk for a hot minute so I can clear the existing junk away!

    Feeling glad to have made an appointment with my GP to talk about some prescription questions. Birth control is complicated and I’m too chicken to get an IUD.

    Looking forward to seeing my parents for Christmas, and nervous about traveling (via plane out of LAX) to see friends over New Years.

    These posts are the best, Tracy, thanks 🙂

    • Tracy

      i’ve always been too chicken to get an IUD.
      my doctor really pushed me to get one after I had cooper and I was like NO.
      Then they put me on the pill and it made me wacko so nooooooope.

      I really hope that you find what works for you! And yes….NO MORE JUNK FOOD but also….maybe just a little? hehe.

  • Hilary

    There actually (kind of) is an adult summer camp. It’s called Camp: No Councelors. It’s usually just a weekend and seems more like a party destination than a camp destination, but there is some campy-ness involved. They do locations all over the country. I haven’t gone, but a few of my friends have and say it’s a lot of fun. But again, I think it may be more MTV spring break than Nickelodeon Salute Your Shorts.

    Also, travling Oregon was the best vacation I’ve taken! Loved the whole state.

  • Emily

    I have heard about the national avocado shortage, but more importantly, avocados are not in season in California at the moment! And the only good avocados are California avocados 🙂 I’ve made it a habit to only buy avocados in season, because I got tired of the dissapointment of opening terrible ones.

  • Amy

    I’ve been meaning to watch Search Party! Have you seen People of Earth? I really like it; it’s funny and sweet. 🙂 Also yes I have been eating too much and too many unhealthy foods and have just opened both salad links you posted. I’m in a major food rut where nothing sounds good and have been thinking FRESH foods are what will pull me out- especially greens!

  • libby

    This month I got SUPER into sparkling water. Like WAY into it. I like it plain but if I can find a coconut La Croix (hard to come by where we live) then that’s all I’ll drink until they’re all gone.

    I feel like you’ve got such a great amount of balance in your life right now. Missy Elliot AND Christmas Music. Yoga AND dance.

  • Preeti

    – Just came back from a 7day vacation in Kauai, HI. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more disappointing vacation. The views were so meh! Can’t believe I missed Thanksgiving (my fav holiday) for this. Made me super grateful that I live in CA and fell in love with the Bay Area all over again.
    – Freaking out about what to wear for our company holiday party this Saturday. The aforementioned vacation obliterated all other plans.
    – Looking forward to putting up our Christmas trees. It’s my son’s first Christmas. Going to take the kids ornament shopping. I don’t know how we are going to keep the tree & kids safe given that he’s started crawling and pulling at stuff.
    – Start taking yoga classes again.
    – I fell off the BuJo train again in 15 days last month. But hey, that 7 more days than the previous month.. Progress!! Hoping to keep up the streak,

    Also, if I haven’t mentioned this before, thanks for this. This is my fav section of your blog (love the others too!)

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