August 5, 2016

I love lists

I love lists // shutterbean


Welcome to I love Lists! Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. Some insight from a divorce lawyer re: marriage
  2. Must go to this art show.
  3. What do you think of Instagram Stories?  I was just getting used to snapchat!
  4. This one is for my brother.
  5. Some of these are actually funny.
  6. Mmmm this looks good.
  7. Love these writing prompts. Totes maj.
  8. Currently listening to this while working.
  9. You can put granola on salad! 
  10. Dresses that caught my eye: one / two / three
  11. We’re not going to drive ourselves in the future + this bus is real!
  12. Bad Moms is offensive to bad moms.
  13. Pretty towels & the most perfect wedding gift.
  14. I can’t believe how pretty this is.
  15. You must be over 40 to be an intern here. RAD.
  16. Note to self.
  17. We have a couple of maps in our house but I want more!
  18. Paper food!
  19. For when you need design inspiration.
  20. Breaking your worst work habits. Ugh. Too real.
  21. This pleases my OCD brain + this too!

Recipes for your weekend:

  • Jenn

    hey tracy! i’ve been a daily visitor of your blog for a while now and i just wanted to say how amazing your consistency with your posts are. come friday morning, while i’m at work, i know that i can click on over to your site and have a look at your “i love lists” post to start my day. you’re an inspiration and you make cooking at home look fun. have a wonderful weekend!

  • Stacy

    I love your list posts because of the wide variety of links–some serious, some just goofy. Several really good ones here–the work habits, the body image article and the divorce, just for starters. Thanks for linking so I don’t have to do any work to find good stuff! (And now back to what I am supposed to be working on).

  • Monica B.

    I, too love coming here. I find myself recalling what day of the week it is in anticipation of the category being posted. The first link in this list….commitment….valuable insight. And the writing prompts by JTB. All of this is good stuff; these two stand out today. Happy Weekending!

  • Kristen

    #14 just blew my mind. How small it makes me feel! But also amazed at how huge and complex and beautiful our universe is. It’s unfathomable.
    That whole site thisiscolossal.com is INCREDIBLE. Thank you for sharing it! Now I won’t get any work done today

  • Bonnie Sanders

    Another great list, particularly liked #16. My son just got married and I didn’t lose all the weight I wanted too prior to the wedding but decided I wasn’t going to beat myself up over it. Loved being in the moment and getting pictures of my joy of the ceremony no matter what my size. Thanks Tracy!!

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