August 18, 2017


i love lists //shutterbean.comWelcome to I LOVE LISTS! It’s Friday. Let’s surf the internet together!

  1. If it fits, I sits.
  2. All with a blue ballpoint pen. WOW
  3. Surprising truths about millennial parents.
  4. My dorm room looked NOTHING like this. What a time to be alive!
  5. I can’t believe this is colored pencil.
  6. How some people treat rental cars….
  7. Jennifer Lawrence reads wine reviews.
  8. This looks messy.
  9. The reinvention of the strawberry.
  10. What do we think about silent book clubs? 
  11. Life hacks learned from fiction.
  12. Wikipedia’s list of common misconceptions 
  13. Two enchilada pizzas for me, please!
  14. The many looks of Madonna. I’m definitely into #18
  15. Pantone + Prince = the perfect shade of purple
  16. My sundae choices make me a labradoodle. WHAT IS THIS WORLD??!
  17. I’d love a camper one day.
  18. Everything in this Etsy shop, please.
  19. How to photograph the solar eclipse.
  20. This dress with these clogs with this jean jacket and purse
  21. The Top 10 restaurants in the US in 2017 are….
  22. I’ve never heard about tree’s having crown shyness until now.
  23. 10 small ways to be happy!
  24. It’s my birthday today. I wish someone would make me this cake….



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  • megan

    Happy Birthday!!

  • A

    Happy Birthday dear Tracy! Thank you for sharing yourself and your inspirations with us year after year. You yourself are an inspiration and we are thankful you are here!

  • Julie

    Happy Birthday Tracy!! Have a wonderful day and a fabulous year! Thanks for your sharing and inspiration!!

  • Paula

    Bon anniversaire, T! Thanks for providing scrumptious recipes, enchanting photography, and all sorts of internet entertainment for all us strangers. Hope you get the cake you DESERVE!

  • Laura

    Happy birthday, Tracy!! Thank you for all the joy you bring the world!

  • Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday!

  • Steffi

    Happy birthday!
    Hope you`ll get the cake you wish for 🙂
    All the best to you from Germany!

  • Stacy

    Happy Birthday, Tracy. I’d like someone to make that cake for my birthday too, and to also please take away the leftovers. Hope you have a great day.

  • Abby

    Have the best birthday ever, Tracy!

  • Chris

    Happy Birthday Tracy!! Mine is the 26th. Since my house filled with boys I think I will make this cake myself on my birthday. Hope you have a special day!

  • Jessica H

    Happy Birthday!


    Happy birthdayaaay

  • mary

    all the best Tracy! Happy birthday weekend!! Cake, cocktails, and cuddles!

  • Mo

    Happy, happy birthday!! Thanks for all the great food and life suggestions. I look forward to your list every week. Treat yourself to more new pens!!

  • Erica C. Barnett

    Happy birthday!! Your blog inspires me every day and your lists make me smile at the end of every week.

  • Ashley

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day and get some form of cake, even if it’s not that one. 🙂

  • Joy

    Happy Birthday, Tracy! I hope it’s a wonderful day for you, and that you get that cake!

  • Rachel

    Happy Birthday from this Basset Hound (Rocky Road, caramel sauce, nuts in a waffle cone)!

  • Jean

    Happy Birthday, Tracy! Hope you get cake, pancakes and whatever else your heart desires! May you have another year ahead finding light wherever you go!

  • Sarah R

    Happy birthday TSB!

  • Christina

    HBD, Tracy! You’re my favorite blogger and I just wanted to thank you for all of the amazing content you put out into the world! I hope this year is your best yet!

  • Hillary

    Happy birthday! Thanks for always keeping it real. Wishing you a wonderful day and lovely year ahead.

  • Iris

    Wishing you a very happy birthday!


    Happy Birthday, Tracy! May your special day find you in the company of those you love, receiving your heart’s deepest desires and that CAKE that you are wishing for! Thank-you for your fantabulous blog, always a treat!

  • JD Hildreth

    Thanks for all you share with us!!!!!!

    Jim Hildreth

  • Rebeca

    Happy birthday, Tracy! Hope your day is filled with laughter, love, and a cake you didn’t have to make. 😉

  • Sue Donahue

    Happy Birthday…love your blog!!

  • Rukhsara Osman

    Happy belated birthday to my favourite blogger! <3

  • Monica B.

    Happy Birthday Tracy! That cake looks divine.

  • Linda

    New reader here from across the bay in the city! Just stumbled across your blog recently and I really enjoy it, particularly the Friday lists. Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday!

  • Carrie Kelleher

    Your lists are one of my favorite things! Especially your todo lists! Thank you and happy birthday!

  • dragon ball super

    Thanks for sharing. And happy birthday!

  • Diana

    Happy Birthday, Tracy
    I wish for you a yummy cake, a beautiful long walk, your family and cuddling with the cats…I know, that last one is a dream, right!

  • leonie

    It was my birthday the same day. Hope your day was terrific x

  • Claudia

    Happy Birthday Tracy!! Thanks for sharing the skillshare link. My 12 year old daughter and I watched a watercolor class together and we were both inspired!! Lots of laughs throughout. Such a fun thing mother daughter thing to do!

  • Diego Lopes

    Happy birthday! Wish you all the best =) Thank you for providing awesome posts!!

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