January 4, 2019


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. Creating Healthy Eating Habits – I am re-reading this as we start January!
  2. I’m curious to try these golden milk snack bites
  3. I like reading what ingredients people like to have on hand
  4. The best skincare trick is to be wealthy.
  5. If you’re grieving.
  6. Wrap me up in this blanket, please.
  7. The pleasures of Ina Garten.
  8. What an incredible way to leave an impact after death.
  9. 11 ways to be a better person in 2019
  10. Do you remember getting an allowance when you were young?
  11. Timelapse photos of airplanes = RAD
  12. Shoutout to all of us introverts out there.
  13. I cannot fathom being on a cruise ship for that long.
  14. What a beautiful studio space filled with amazing things!
  15. Cooper loves when movies break the 4th wall
  16. My friend Andrea is blogging regularly again and it makes me so happy.
  17. How It’s Made videos for inspiration.
  18. If you’re a cat lover…
  19. Gout is making a comback! 
  20. A whole bunch of photos to be inspired by.
  21. current kitchen favorites:  crunchy chili garlic sauce/ herb salt / bee’s wax wrappers

Watch this if you also love Amy Sedaris!


  • Kristin

    I can’t imagine being on a cruise ship AT ALL, but I was really hoping that my dad would take a cruise like that once his elderly mother died. Unfortunately, he got cancer before she died, and died less than a year after she did, so he wasn’t able to do it. He would have LOVED it. And those cat photos…I can’t stop!

  • Alison

    Watched the Amy Sedaris video a few days ago. I love her and her style SO MUCH!

  • Elizabeth

    I watched the Amy Sedaris video with my 4yo daughter looking over my shoulder. When her brother asked what we were watching, she proudly exclaimed, “It’s Mary Poppins!” Thanks for sharing!

  • webstagram

    I love that shout out for introverts!! I only donate for pet rescue shelters.

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