November 25, 2022


I am so grateful for you! I love lists - shutterbean.com


  1. Leftover cranberry sauce? Make cranberry cheese danish! 
  2. Put turkey & cranberry to good use with this sandwich.
  3. How to reheat Thanksgiving leftovers.
  4. How to keep your house clean while company’s in town. 
  5. What are the best-smelling live Christmas trees? 
  6. Let’s get lost in some nature photos! 
  7. Time travel to 1954 at Happy Acres Resort. 
  8. Nostalgia time! 
  9. A love letter blanket would be a cute gift. 
  10. Awww. I used to play this on the piano for my Mom.
  11. This big letter necklace for your graphic designer friend. 
  12. The best small towns in the world to visit.
  13. These aerial photos of salt extraction sites are incredible. 
  14. Keep track of what you eat in a food journal this holiday season.
  15. Some new things at Trader Joe’s to try.
  16. How TikTok hacks are ruining fast food. 
  17. This butterfly mural is a beauty! 
  18. Old photos of space, remastered. 
  19. Cozy robes: one / two / three 
  20. So many good patches in this Esty shop! 
  21. Make some Fire Cider Elixir to keep you healthy.

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