April 12, 2024


If Everything around you seems dark, look again, you may be the light- rumi / i love lists shutterbean #hobonichi #hobonichicousin


  1. Vegetable Pot Pie– I would eat the whole thing.
  2. Stories about Hollywood stage names.
  3. This photo was made from an 84-year old woman’s memory.
  4. Catching up on the chili crunch war. 
  5. Earl grey: soda / tiramisu
  6. This trailer sure is fancy! 
  7. Some facts that could save your life.
  8. I want to try crazy puffs.
  9. Need kitchen cleaning inspo? I’ll help! 
  10. A few ideas on how to travel sustainably. 
  11. Photos of tourists from the 1980s.
  12. 17 mins of Charles Schulz drawing the Peanuts cartoon. 
  13. These flower paintings must be fun to make! 
  14. Teacher hosts eclipse party with former students.
  15. This inspires me to work in my sketchbook this weekend.
  16. I love reading people’s Trader Joe’s Favorites. 
  17. Here are my Trader Joe’s Fave Pantry Staples.
  18. I can’t wait to wear this dress with no jacket! 
  19. Wknd Breakfast: ricotta pancakes with roasted strawberries
  20. New Substack post- Thoughts on: TIME

My Everyday Life Week 14 of 2024- Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com

Collage kits for Spring!  I made 25 of them with LOVE!  Get yours while they last! 

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