Ginger Mango Lime Sorbet

Ginger Mango Lime Sorbet made INSTANTLY with @vitamix blender. Find the recipe on!

I recently made this sorbet in my Vitamix  and it made me feel like a total wizard.

Ginger Mango Lime Sorbet // shutterbean

Frozen mangoes go into the Vitamix blender with a bit of spicy ginger beer, honey and fresh lime zest.

Ginger Mango Lime Sorbet // shutterbean

Minutes later you have an incredible frozen treat. No need to freeze (unless you’re making it ahead of time!). Just scoop out the sorbet from your  Vitamix and serve. I can’t wait to play around with more flavors this summer! I’m thinking blueberry with a little bit of booze needs to happen soon.

And we’re off!

Honey isn’t totally necessary. It just depends how sweet your frozen mangoes are.

Ginger Mango Lime Sorbet // shutterbean

Mangoes and lime zest go into the Vitamix blender.

Ginger Mango Lime Sorbet // shutterbean

We add a bit of ginger beer to the mix. This will sweeten up the sorbet…add a little ginger kick and help the blender blend!

I add a little bit of lime juice to add a little tang!


What I love about my  Vitamix is that it comes with this handy tamper. So you can push your fruits down without the tamper hitting the blades. It’s super helpful in applications like this sorbet! Other blenders would get stuck and you’d have to open them up and disperse all the ingredients a million times.


The view from above.


Almost done blending.




As you can see it’s instant sorbet!

Ginger Mango Lime Sorbet // shutterbean

Because I wasn’t using the sorbet right away, I spooned it out into a loaf pan.


Smooth it out.

Ginger Mango Lime Sorbet // shutterbean

Scoop it up!


You’re only minutes away from fresh sorbet! I’m thinking a little sprinkle of chili powder would be amazing on top. I also might scoop some out and pour a little extra ginger beer on top.

Shutterbean + Vitamix

Ginger Mango Lime Sorbet

serves 4

  • 4 cups frozen mangoes
  • 3/4 cup ginger beer
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • zest of one lime, plus 1 tablespoon juice

Blend frozen mango with ginger beer, honey and lime zest and lime juice in a blender until mixture is a smooth sorbet consistency. Serve immediately or transfer into a container and freeze until ready to use.

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  • Allyn

    My husband is allergic to dairy so I’m always looking for good sorbets or ice cream flavors that won’t be ruined by a coconut milk base. This looks SO GOOD, and I’m sure would adapt perfectly to work in my ice cream maker.
    One day, Vitamix… you will be mine.

  • Ashlyn @ Pedantic Foodie

    This is brilliant! What an awesome quick, summer treat! Thank you for sharing! I think I need to buy a Vitamix now… 😉

  • jenny

    which vitamix do you have, tracy?

  • talia

    THANK YOU! I recently purchased a Vitamix and love that you are posting recipes for it. I can’t wait to make this. Please keep’em coming. 🙂

  • Millie | Add A Little

    This looks amazing and a ginger beer mango float sounds to die for!

  • Jessica H.

    Man! I have everything but the ginger beer! Think this would still be good (I think it would!)?

    • Tracy

      should be fine! just add honey to taste! and maybe a little more lime

  • Abby

    This sorbet looks ah-mazing. I adore mango, and love the simplicity of this recipe! <3

  • pidgey

    what about adding a little bit of ginger if i dont have ginger beer? and maybe some water to make up for the liquid in the beer?

    • Tracy

      that too!

    • phishstyx

      from my own frustrating experience, I beg you to grate the ginger (don’t use a microplane, which will slice, instead of grate) so you get pulp and squeeze the pulp to put ginger juice into whatever you’re making. putting ginger root into a high performance blender means thousands of bits of fiber. it will never liquefy or dissolve. you will see and feel each one of those thousands and thousands. true story.

      • Tracy

        There’s no ginger in this…it’s just ginger beer. Crisis averted.

  • stephanie @ iamafoodblog

    this looks AMAZING!!! i need to freeze some mangos. ooh and how awesome would it be to make a float-y type thing with the extra ginger beer!??!?!

  • Meredith

    Fantastic combo! Hope you concoct more. I love the Vitamix. It’s worth every penny.

  • aida mollenkamp

    Oh, my, so many of my favorite flavors!

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  • Megan

    Whipped this up tonight, and it turned out great! Very refreshing, and way healthier than ice cream. Thank you!

  • Linda

    Is ginger beer a soda or a real beer. The recipe does not identify which one to use.

  • Linda

    What is ginger beer, a soda or a real beer?

  • Cynthia

    Oh good, glad it’s a soda, I will have to find some of this and make it. I absolutely love ginger and of course mango. I’m sharing and saving this recipe. Thanks a bunch for sharing it with us.

  • kentucklady717

    I have powdered ginger…..don’t recall seeing Ginger Beer here where I live…..think powdered ginger and apple juice would do ? I have a 5200 Vitamix and I love it….just now made a pineapple smoothie….I always freeze part of the smoothie and eat it the next day….it is great frozen too…..

    • Tracy

      I bet apple juice would work. I’d try pineapple juice if you have it. Make it tropical!

  • Cheryl

    Or prosecco

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