July 1, 2016


I love lists // shutterbean

  1. I love my friend Andrea’s Summer Manifesto
  2. Products for my husband.
  3. These made me LOL
  4. I can’t believe there is a need for a scarf like this.
  5. Me + Cooper
  7. The side effects from having too much light at night 🙁
  8. An independence day playlist
  9. This collection of books intrigues me.
  10. Bobcat + cactus
  11. A slice of this bread with apricot jam, please.
  12. Also, these hot dogs look bonkers.
  13. Creativity is like breathing.
  14. Laundry closet inspiration– we’re working on ours this summer.
  15. A cute little ring stack. Why am I into gold all of a sudden??!
  16. Probably why the past 17 years with Casey has flown by. 
  17. This is incredible and I don’t want it to end.
  18. Oh geez. Look at all of these drinking faces.
  19. Wow. Tahoe is getting fancy.
  20. This makes me want to clean up my desk area.
  21. I love side-by-side comparison shots like this.

Things you can make for 4th of July:

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