August 12, 2022


Make Magic (kits) I love lists/ Shutterbean


  1. A brief history of dumplings. 
  2. I want to make mango sticky rice. 
  3. Fireworks over water = double the magic
  4. RIP Olivia Newton-John <3
  5. An outfit I’d wear: this dress with these shoes & sunglasses
  6. Kids and their funny alternative names for things! 
  7. Morris the cat was like Garfield IRL in the 80s. 
  8. Awkward family photos are my favorite. 
  9. Speaking of… Did you know there’s a game & a book??
  10. Why do we always have too much zucchini?
  11. Art, but make it sports! 
  12. Martha Stewart is opening her first restaurant in Vegas. 
  13. My parents had fond memories of New York’s World’s Fair.
  14. How to befriend crows and turn them against your enemies. 
  15. Make My Drive Fun — looks like a good way to roadtrip! 
  16. Important info- frozen french fries ranked 
  17. The easiest plants to propagate. 
  18. How The US Postal Service reads unreadable mail. 
  19. If The Chef had you craving Italian Beef Sandwiches, make one! 
  20. Weekend Reading: The Dead Mom’s Club

In Other News! 

Doing back-to-school shopping this weekend? Refer to my Favorite Pens while you shop! Here’s how I get my head in the game for Back to School prep! 

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  • Sara Mincy

    I adore your Friday lists! It’s all good…but that awkward family photos compilation by bored panda was HILARIOUS!!! Happy Friday! I love your work!

  • Caitlyn

    I really loved the lists of kids and their alternative names for things!

    And zucchini! I miss the endless zucchini everything from the Midwest this time of year. T here was always a coworker no matter where you worked who’d bring in plenty to share. I am annoyed that I have to spend a couple bucks now to buy them at the grocery store. Oh and I don’t think I’ve had zucchini bread now for years! 🙁

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