November 4, 2020

Currently October 2020

Currently October 2020

Well, here we are in November already.  The next week here in the U.S. is going to be a bit chaotic. I spent a lot of yesterday off of my phone and tried to write this post. 

Focusing on the positives during this time is what has kept me going and will continue to keep me going.  

In October, Cooper went back to school in person.  It was very nerve-wracking at first but everything seems to be running well so far.  As much as I enjoyed our quality time together at home,  I didn’t realize how impossible it felt to get anything done. I had a hard time settling into my work while managing his schoolwork, breaks, lunch,  and activities. With him back at school, I finally felt like I got some of my kitchen mojo back (YAY!). Making three meals a day for three people who have different tastes has been pretty exhausting. I realized that I  was spending way over an hour+ each day cleaning up the kitchen and I had no energy to add more work for myself.  Having the space really helps.

Another big thing is that Cooper and Casey traveled to Oregon (safely by car) this month to compete in a baseball tournament (THEY WON!!!). It gave me the opportunity to be at home by myself for three days and I was able to RECHARGE MY INTROVERT BATTERY and clean/organize the house.   I spent a lot of time purging stuff from the house and put Cooper’s closet back into shape.  As much as this staying at home situation sucks, I love my home more than ever because I have worked hard at making it comfortable and run more efficiently during this time. 

Let’s take a look at my Currently Workbook spread for October…



I drew all of the notable things I ate during October.  We’ll get to that later!

All the Good Things That Happened This Month



Let’s get into it! 

Inspired By:

Light, obviously.

My garden!!

Reflection and the power of the written word.  I am glad I have made a body of work that I can look back on and study my growth. 


  • Cobra Kai-I loved how they mix old footage in with the show.
  • Ratched – finished/loved
  • The League- I fall asleep to it and don’t get mad about it. I’ve seen it already and it cracks me up at times. 
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • My Octopus Teacher- so sweet
  • The Chef Show- I love the Christina Tosi episode
  • Schitt’s Creek- we just started!!
  • Pen15- hilarious/uncomfortable/true. I love reliving parts of my childhood through this show.



I didn’t do much reading other than the news online and my typical rotation. 

I spent a lot of my free time making a book of things my Mom used to say. 

I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Thinking About:

  • The next year.
  • The future.
  • Leaving California.
  • My Mom + Grief
  • What the holidays will be like this year. 

Listening To:

On in the background…

when I need to break up stuck energy:

to access my inner child:

to reset my nervous system:

to help me remember it’s good to be alive:

to shake up energy while I am cleaning

to get in touch with the spirit world:

Dream Life:

This month I was pretty diligent about tracking my sleep with my fitbit.  I stopped drinking more than one Americano each day. I was up to 3 for a bit…and I noticed that it messed with my sleep/anxiety/nervous system. I’ve switched to tea in the mornings and afternoons and I am enjoying it. It’s also added about an hour onto my sleep each night. I finally get about 7 hours of sleep- was in the 6-hour range for the past two years, so I would say that’s a real accomplishment. 

My dream life is still taking place in Oregon…like I am in college and live in an apartment building. I think my Mom has been in my dreams but I can’t see her. I just feel like I can talk to her and she’s there. 


Had my Dad + his lady over for a family dinner. 

Birthday donuts for Cooper!

I made him a cake. His favorite is chocolate with cream cheese frosting.


I veganized my Mom’s Curry Zucchini Soup

I made my Baked Pumpkin Pecan Doughnuts!

My tomato plants were really POPPING in October!

I made a Pumpkin Pudding Cake that was delicious.

We celebrated Libra season outside in China Camp with friends & oysters.

I did meal prep twice this month!

Can’t get enough zucchini fritters these days…


The tomatoes I roasted found their way into breakfasts.

We sat in a restaurant for the first time since before March.

I added Red Curry Shrimp to my meal prep rotation.

I curated a list of my favorite Autumn Recipes here!

I fell in love with matcha lattes.

I saved the process on my Instagram highlights if you wanna take a look.

We ended the month with fresh fish from Fishmonger Don.

And ate our own candy.

We didn’t go out trick-or-treating this year. Womp womp wooooomp. 

Grateful For:

  • my health
  • my family
  • alone time
  • morning cuddles with Cooper
  • being featured in the Better Homes & Gardens special Meal Prep issue!!

You can order a copy here if you can’t find it at your local newsstand.

Self Portrait for October 2020

Sending love and light for your November.



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