My Everyday Life Week 48

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 48

Our Thanksgiving table for 4!

We had my Dad over and I cooked for all of us. It was so weird not having a potluck!

I also set this table. I put a goat plate out for my Mom (she was a Capricorn).

Her absence in the kitchen is the greatest grief trigger. We used to be such a good team. 

Now it’s just me.

I felt her sparkle though. I’m glad we got to spend so many holidays together.

I mapped out my plan of attack.

Making a braised turkey is such a stress reliever. So easy!

Just a LITTLE cheese plate.

The spread! Sweet potatoes for my Dad. Mashed potatoes for my husband. Dinner rolls for my child.

This kid ate turkey and a dinner roll (or three).

I made an apple pie and a pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie for breakfast is nice.

Cooper was off of school this week. He had a craving for doughnuts so I made him these Buttermilk Farm Stand Doughnuts from my blog. They were delicious. I won the cool Mom award that day.

Waiting in line at the grocery store.  I’ve been seeing daisies all week.


This week we had a bunch of trees trimmed/cut down on our property.

My week ran to the soundtrack of chainsaws.

A pep talk on the way to the garage.

This week I spent a lot of time packing up orders from my Etsy Shop.

I love writing everyone’s name on their package.

It feels like magic.

Imagining my work in other people’s hands.

The best part is when I start seeing people receive their packages and share it on their Instagram feeds.

My mantle in between seasons.

I put blueberries in my waffle.

I went for a walk on the 3rd anniversary of my Mom’s death this week.

The sparkles on the water made me happy.

I saw my friend Amanda’s name and then she texted me right after. I love those weird magical moments in life.

I added a little something in our yard.

It was a nice moment. I wish I could hug my Mom.

He might end up with hazel eyes like my Mom. Who knows!

I have some pretty flowers still growing!

These two have such a weird relationship.

He is a fan of matcha lattes.

How an only child occupies his time while his parents work from home.

Nothing better than a runny egg on good toast.

He put on my glasses. I love him.

Morning light with my boys.

Sometimes I just stare at him while he watches TV.

Family driving adventure!

We got to see the sunset.

And the moon rise.

Rosie is a basket case.

I found the tiniest sliver of light on our dining room table yesterday.



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  • sassygirl

    your crustless pumpkin pie was the star
    dessert on our thanksgiving table this year.
    the spices were perfect and the texture
    divine. thanks for sharing and hope that your holiday was yummy!

  • Lorin

    Thank you for the lovely package! Such a treat to receive!

  • Amy

    My favorite breakfast is on Black Friday with thanksgiving leftovers of your creamed spinach on toast made from homemade bread topped with a fried egg!

  • Janet

    Your table was beautiful! I’m glad you enjoyed your time with your family.

  • Stephanie

    I have just found your blog; thru an article I was reading today… I love it! Your mom was an amazing mother, I can tell by the way you speak of her. I am sorry for your loss.

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