December 11, 2009

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

earl grey tea cookies

Here’s a good holiday gift idea for your tea loving friend…make them some earl grey tea cookies!


December 10, 2009

Poached Pears

pears, about to get their asses poached!

Every Wednesday night I hang out with my gal pals and watch Glee!  This week I volunteered to make dessert for the season finale (waah).  Last week I made my sausage soup that ended up in my friend’s driveway.  Don’t ever think you can put a pot of soup in a tote bag.  It didn’t work….and somehow I figured it wouldn’t. Why did I insist on it anyways?


December 6, 2009

Make your own freezer burritos!

to the freezer, you go!


I found out how easy it is to make & freeze burritos when I was pregnant.  When I got the nesting bug (which came mainly in cooking form) I stocked up our freezer with these burritos from Everyday Food.   Two months after Cooper was born, I found a batch of them in the back of my freezer and they were like gold!  Three minutes in the microwave and this momma was nourished just like that!  The best part was that I was able to feed my husband…who really deserved a home cooked meal after all the countless diapers he changed!


November 30, 2009

Give the gift of Treats!

Let’s face it, this year giving presents will be a bit tough with the economy in the crapper. What better excuse to get into our kitchens and make stuff?!! It’s fun, rewarding and it’s a great way to show people that you care!!

I also find that baking late at night with a cocktail is VERY therapeutic. Agreed?

So I’ve compiled a little mash up of ideas for you!

If you want to treat your friends & family to some amazing candy, make:

Crispy Crunchy Peppermint Bark


November 28, 2009

Let the Holiday Season Begin!

it sprinkled

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We sure did!!!  Lots of activity at my mom’s house. We had great food, great wine & great company as usual.


November 25, 2009

Fried Egg with Mushrooms & Spinach

say hello to my lunch!

Today I got my first produce CSA delivery from Planet Organics!  So far, I am happy with the experience although my bill is not what it should have been…Must clear that up!

first delivery


November 21, 2009

Weekend Waffles with Joy!

Quick!  There’s still time!!!  Make some batter tonight!

Make some weekend waffles with maple peppered bacon!!  DO IT!!!

I got the recipe from of Joy the Baker!

Weekend Waffles!