July 23, 2007

i am an errand machine

this weekend was busy! Lots of stuff to do…and I randomly got a case of the lazies and spent a few hours doing ABSOLUTELY nothing (well, laying on my bed staring at my backyard is SOMETHING- I suppose).

the productive activities included:

-trip to Daiso (found EXCELLENT hair thinner comb) Here’s part of my loot:

-spent the early part of saturday on a caffiene high- i drank an iced coffee after downing this one:

-container store trip (containers for craft room/travel) I made it out of there in record time!

-trip to hillsdale mall to meet up with a friend (got a cellphone dangle from the Sanrio store)

-i finally found a pair of shoes @ DSW to match my dress-it only took 3 months!:

-had lunch at Falafel’s Drive-In (gyros salad=yum!)

-made my special popcorn & had neighbors over to watch Uncle Buck. (i love that movie!)


-setup my tripod and took a picture of our dining room in progress:

-went out to breakfast at Stacks & had a *somewhat* healthy meal:

-dreamt of getting a new camera for my birthday….

-grilled veggies, while Casey DESTROYED two wasps nests in our backyard

-started the whole laundry process….

-watched John from Cincinnati (what the heck is going on with that show???!!!)

-the end.

July 23, 2007

pet peeve # 4520

there is nothing worse (to me anyway) than listening to someone clip their nails in public. gross.

July 20, 2007

indian food & san francisco

the week started off with a bang! I was given these wonderful See’s Candies- Apricot Delights from our neighbor. *thank you!* They were sweet, tart, soft & chewy. I’ll have to get some next time I cave and find myself in a See’s Candies shop.

then on wednesday day i hung out with a good friend. we had some Indian Food @ Naan N’ Curry in San Francisco. It’s the best Indian food ever. I’ve yet to find a place in the pennisula that is as good-but we’re always trying….

my favorites at naan n’ curry:

-chicken tikka masala
-palak paneer
-benghan bharta
-potato naan
-aloo ghobi

The Indian food coma set in- I walked around and saw some cool things:


market stand

July 16, 2007

over the past two days:

i made breakfast for us late saturday morning:

realized just how easy it is to make pan ini with my grill pan:

had some quality time with the fuzzy members of our household:

bought some new flowers for the yard:

enjoyed freshly picked green beans from the neighbors garden:

-ran errands (target, home depot, costco)
-watched the departed (again)
-painted shelf unit & potted new plants for the front steps (picture to come)
-ate breakfast with friends over the hill (oatmeal, brown sugar, golden raisins & bananas)
-hung out pool-side with wonderful people & shared laughs with a 94 year old woman in a motorized inflatable pool lounger
-had dinner at the neighbors (favorite part: avocado/grapefruit/pine-nut salad with honey poppy-seed dressing!!!)

July 13, 2007

Green Tea Cupcakes for Kevin

this week has been filled with green tea goodies.

July 9, 2007

my favorite things lately:

after dinner dessert & reading

apricots from neighbors yard.

i picked these apricots off of our neighbor’s tree. I’ve been eating them by the handful over the past few week. Every time I walk past the bowl in the center of the kitchen, I grab 2 or 3. I was in such a zone eating them, I bit right into the pit of one. Yowzer! Apricot pits are hard. I suggest avoiding biting into one at all times.

some of my favorite things lately:

-apricots (of course)
-the new issue of Donna Hay (i always LOVE this magazine…maybe I’ll get a subscription for my b-day)
-black sesame pocky
-waking up with the brand new curtains in our bedroom
-walking past our dining room and catching a glimpse of our new dining room chairs
-the new shelf unit in my crafty room
-vanilla cola lip gloss from bigelow & benefit’s “hoola” blush
-cormeal pancakes from Main Street Cafe
-the feeling of being on a rollercoaster and hearing my husband scream like a kid
-holding hands with my 8 year old niece

July 6, 2007

fragments of the 4th

neighbors clothespins



so many things to do!!!!!!!! I can’t believe how many times i’ve cleaned up the kitchen in the past few days. It was like my cabinets projectile vomited on EVERY surface of my kitchen. Having 4th of July on a Wednesday really messed with me. It felt more like a Sunday… I got excited that I had my Sunday TV shows waiting for me on our DVR—- BUT NO! It’s just another WEDNESDAY!…and YES, you have to wake up early for work. Not fair.

Over the past few days:

-found dining room chairs for dining room (silver-leafed just like the ceiling!)
-new custom curtains in our bedroom sewn & installed (a BIG thank you to my mother-in-law!)
-hung out with neighbors & ate leftovers

Things are coming along…now we just need to figure out this air conditioning thing. Having people over when it’s 100 degrees just doesn’t fly.