My Everyday Life: Week 45

Here’s what My Everyday Life – Week 45 looked like:

Halloween loot. The sort is my favorite part.

myeverydaylife45 033

Halloween included a baked potato bar. I brought the fixins.

My Everyday Life: Week 45 // shutterbean

Prickly pear spritzers. I had too many…

myeverydaylife45 037

The gang.

myeverydaylife45 036

Jack in the box!

myeverydaylife45 038

I thought this Finding Nemo costume was amazing.

myeverydaylife45 035

Whoa. Halloween was NUTS.

myeverydaylife45 034


myeverydaylife45 040

Sunday mornings are my favorite. Especially the doughnut part.

myeverydaylife45 039

Found on the way to work.

myeverydaylife45 042

Loving my latest stitch fix top!

myeverydaylife45 041

My friend Lisa has cool vignettes on her bookshelf. I appreciate them.

Also side note- in the past year 5 Lisas have entered my life.

Some years are like that!

myeverydaylife45 032

Eggs at night.

myeverydaylife45 027

It rained for awhile this week. It was awesome.

myeverydaylife45 028

Just a turkey in the road. Nothing to see. Carry on….

myeverydaylife45 029

Broccoli Cheddar Rolls! 

myeverydaylife45 030


myeverydaylife45 031

Celebrating Leslie’s birthday. I always have ring/nail polish/wrist candy envy.

myeverydaylife45 021


myeverydaylife45 022


myeverydaylife45 023

Happiest birthday to you, LES!!

myeverydaylife45 019

Lined up wine glasses make me happy.

myeverydaylife45 020

Same with a wood stack.

myeverydaylife45 024

Another outfit from Stitch Fix. The pants were mine but everything else!

Patrice is my stylist and I love what she sends me!!!

myeverydaylife45 025

Got one of my Instagram photos printed for my house. It’s an engineer print and I bought a frame for it all at Parabo Press .  LOVE IT!!!

If you use the code FMHVYU, you’ll get $5 off your first order. Get the app on iTunes – and it will link up with your instagram account!

myeverydaylife45 018

Our family room is cozy. My friend Lisa and I hung up a branch (that I painted gold) over our mantle.

I’ve been trying to transform some more rooms in our house. Was thinking about sharing some of it on Shutterbean. What do you think?

myeverydaylife45 004

Here’s our living room…currently. We are setting up a lounge area to listen to music so that couch is just temporarily in that spot. You can tell I love stripes, huh?

myeverydaylife45 045

Fortune cookies aren’t always grammatically correct.  I hope my secret admirer knows that.

myeverydaylife45 017

Sometimes you have to remind yourself.

myeverydaylife45 010

It’s all in your head sometimes.

myeverydaylife45 044

I love 1st grade so much.  The way he drew Pinot!! And that extra line of IT IS COOL!!

myeverydaylife45 011

Deliciousness headed your way.

myeverydaylife45 013

Bedhead. Major.

myeverydaylife45 014

When people mess with my brain.

myeverydaylife45 015

Her favorite spot.

myeverydaylife45 026

Second favorite spot is on my pillow.

myeverydaylife45 003

Returning gear. Saw this.

myeverydaylife45 006

And noticed that I had been walking around with my hair sticking up in the back ALL DAY LONG.

Bed head….for all of us this week.

myeverydaylife45 005

I’d rather have bread & butter over dessert.

myeverydaylife45 007

Prop styling. Love the napkins I picked up!

myeverydaylife45 009

I fried wonton wrappers for the first time this week and OMG game changer.

myeverydaylife45 008

Also a game changer—- Whole Foods will slice a loaf for you!!!!!

myeverydaylife45 002

First Hot Toddy of the season!!

myeverydaylife45 012


have a great weekend!

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  • Trish

    Hahahaha ‘When people mess with my brain’. This description of that photo made me laugh so much my wife sai ‘What?’ with a grin on her face 🙂
    Soo hard when people don’t understand why that would be an issue….*as she goes to straighten the clothes hangers because they aren’t ‘quite right’ *insert cheeky wink*

  • Jenna

    I would love to see pictures of your room transformations! You have great style. Your blog is my absolute favorite.

  • Erin

    YES! Tracy, share the pics!

  • Alex

    I love these posts! You are such a great photographer, and I love looking at the world through your eyes. I also love that mustard-colored Stitch Fix top! Could you please tell me what brand it is? Thank you!

  • Stasha

    From what you’ve shown us so far, you have a gorgeous home- would love to see more! Also love seeing Cooper’s sorted candy every year. The sort was always my favourite part too.

  • Colleen

    Yes, please share your home decor! Your eye is so inspiring, love the chocolate brown walls with crisp white trim and that branch! Gold”

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    Oh the candy sorting is my favorite part of Halloween. And then the bargaining begins.

  • Lauren

    HUGE YES to some home transformations! Those are always my favorite!

  • Gaby Dalkin

    these weekly posts always make me smile. the one of cooper at the table with Sunday morning doughnuts is so precious. and YES, share the home re-design pics!!

  • Erica

    Please share your room transformations. Your blog would be perfect if you added those types of posts. I also wanted to say I love that second Stitch Fix outfit!

  • Hannah

    Would love to see pics of you room transformations, it’s always interesting to see where people spend their time.

  • Jenna

    So.. I read “vignettes” as… (whispers) vaginas. Was totally confused. Oops. Looking forward to the fried wonton recipe, looked amazing on snapchat!

  • Sara

    YES would love to see more room transformations! i love seeing pictures of your house, you have an awesome style.

    also, i’ve been meaning to ask…are there any more podcasts in the future?

  • Sara

    Would LOVE to see more design ideas/room transformations on your space here! <3

  • Mary Frances

    Those Halloween costumes are so cute! And seems like you had a great week, loving those broccoli rolls as well!

  • Lisa

    Count me as another Lisa entering your life 😉

    LOVE the print from Parabo – what a perfect spot for it!

  • Tricia

    Love, love, love your week. Such amazing photos, as always.

  • leslie

    belated thank thank thanks you, little mama.
    let’s do your belated soon, k? xox

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