May 25, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Weekend {ROUNDUP}


Long weekends are for sleeping in. Long weekends are also for eating lots of food with friends & family. OUTDOORS.

If you’re looking for ideas on what to make this weekend, LOOK NO FURTHER! I have some wonderful suggestions for you.




I have goat cheese on the brain. Here are three apps that use goat cheese!


GRILLED ZUCCHINI ROLL-UPS  Zucchini, basil & goat cheese??? YES, SIR.

STRAWBERRY GOAT CHEESE BRUSCHETTA  It’s strawberry season here in California! GET IT.

Look what we have here! Flavored oil.

BASIL INFUSED OIL  (to make your Caprese Salads even better!!!) OR you could serve some up with some grilled bread or top it on some bruschetta!

Also makes a nice homemade gift to bring to someone who has hosting duty!


KALE CASHEW MINT SLAW is refreshing and healthy!  People love kale (well, most people….)

ARUGULA SALAD with FIG BALSAMIC DRESSING  so easy to assemble. The loveliest salad.

MANGO APPLE SALAD with SUGARED LIME ZEST  is a SHOW STOPPER. People will come back for more!

If you don’t have apples or mint, pineapple & strawberries would be great too!

side dishes

CORN ZUCCHINI LIME PIZZA  Let’s celebrate the appearance of corn with PIZZA.

ROASTED GREEN BEANS  I love these cold with red wine vinegar.

ORZO SALAD   Can you think of anything better to eat outside?!

TOMATO & ARTICHOKE PENNE  is SO GOOD COLD. Add feta and bring it to a BBQ. Done deal.



STICKY BALSAMIC RIBS   hummina hummina!!

GREEK FRENCH BREAD PIZZA  because who doesn’t want a French Bread Pizza party??!!

BAKED CRISPY HOT WINGS  — How come I always say Tommy want wing-y when I see wings?



CHOCOLATE PECAN CAKE   Ridiculously awesome. I’m nuts for it!

COFFEE CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW KRISPIES  I bet you if you leave some on a table, they’ll be gone in no time. People are gonna be like…WHO BROUGHT THESE?? I want to shake their hand and seduce them into making more.


  • Jennay

    Love these recipes! Thanks so much for the ideas! I can’t wait to try the Corn Zucchini Lime Pizza and the Greek French Bread Pizza.

  • Jane M

    We are invited to a Sunday BBQ. I quickly offered to bake something extraordinary. Sadly I got shot down and was asked to bring a fruit salad. Waaah. Looks like I’ll be balling melon and cutting up berries and pine apple!

  • Kelsey

    Making your artichoke penne and choc chip oatmeal cake this weekend

  • Darci

    Thanks for this roundup…I grabbed 2 for a dinner I am hosting. Buuuuut can I still you opening graphic for my FB profile? It is perfection!

  • Haley @ Cheap Recipe Blog

    MMM! So many great meal ideas here. I’m going to a BBQ on Monday.. I’m thinking I’ll have to give your goat cheese guac a try. Yum!

  • Tieghan

    Ah, dont you just ove this weekend!?!

    Love all these yummy foods! I need that Guacamole now though!

  • Lia - Dizzy Loves Icy

    All look SO good! I’m going to make the kale & mint for our BBQ this avo! Normally our holidays don’t coincide (UK) but we have a Bank Holiday Weekend this weekend & I’m reading this having a lie-in! Good times 🙂

  • Claire @ Lemon Jelly Cake

    I just bought our first fresh corn of the year. Putting it on pizza sounds delish!

  • veronica

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Had one hour to run to the store after working out today, make something to bring to a bbq and get myself ready. I picked the fruit and sugar salad, made it in a flash and it was a huge hit!!! People i didnt know were seeking me out to ask for thr recipe

  • Michelle

    I’m going to try the basil infused olive oil!! My basil plant is HUGE and that is such a great idea!! Thanks for the idea!! Can’t wait! 🙂

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